Gabriel Btesh is Building a Better Future for Panama

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Gabriel Btesh is creating an abundance of jobs for the people of Panama.

The Btesh family has always been extremely loyal and revered throughout their home country of Panama.

Growing a small business into an international company, Btesh’s father laid a sturdy foundation for his son. Yet, even the ambitious young Gabriel Btesh couldn’t fathom the skyscraper of a company he would build upon that foundation.

What the company would become wouldn’t simply be a legacy for the Btesh family. It would raise the bar on architectural integrity throughout Panama. Plus, it would create over 10,000 jobs within a span of ten years.

The Decision

After taking over the family business, Gabriel Btesh had a decision to make. He knew that there was a growing opportunity in real estate, especially in Panama.

So, he took the gamble and eventually found his knack in the constructional side of real estate.
Being creative and well-educated, Btesh learned quickly that he had a talent for the industry.

While he maintained the core of the company Gabriel Btesh’s father, Jack Btesh, he explored this new avenue. During this exploration, the explosion of jobs and opportunities for local Panama people came into effect.

Hiring the People of Panama

After securing his first major project, the Mall Los Pueblos, Btech employed people to build for him.

Soon after the mall was built, stores started to rent out the spaces in the mall. Eventually, there was a whole new shopping center built around the mall. The retail locations inside the mall hired more employees.

Then, when the mall became the most popular shopping center in Panama, it secured the constructional integrity of Btesh’s company. While people knew the solidarity backing the Btesh name, real estate and construction was a whole new endeavor.

Although, the success of the Mall Los Pueblos eradicated any doubt and helped Gabriel Btesh secure more jobs.
Thus, the cycle repeated.

Economic Development

By securing the positive cycle of employees, and growing bigger as a company, the economy flourished.

If people have jobs, they have money to spend. When they spend their money, putting it back into the economy, it circulates in a positive and accumulative manner.

Additionally, Btesh didn’t just build retail locations. The company also spearheaded entertainment and tourist destinations, such as the Santa Maria Golf & Country Club and 5-Star hotels.

These embellishments to the country brought tourists, as well as entertainment, which also skyrocketed the economy.

Plus, the increase in entertainment made those portions of Panama more desirable to live in. Thus, more affluent people moved to the area.

This also helped add money and jobs into the economy.

In summation, Gabriel Btesh has succeeded in building a better future for his home country of Panama. Not only has he and his company expanded the economy, it has restored hope and prosperity to the region.

Due to Gabriel Btesh’s dedication and perseverance, it’s estimated that each of Btesh’s construction projects ultimately created 1,000 jobs.

Therefore, throughout the past ten years, Gabriel Btesh has single-handedly created more than 10,000 jobs throughout Panama.