Gabriel Btesh is Redefining Opportunities for Growth by Foreseeing Innovation in Every Endeavor

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GABRIEL BTESH Opportunities for Growth GABRIEL BTESH Opportunities for Growth

Panama City is the perfect example of Gabriel Btesh’s international success.

Gabriel Btesh takes great pleasure in the ability to help his home country flourish. Btesh’s greatest source of pride and purpose is creating an innovative atmosphere of growth and development throughout his country.


Btesh comes from a hard-working family, who saw his ever-growing spark of entrepreneurship as a virtue. Throughout his life, his family supported his ideas and encouraged him to take his own path.

Twenty years ago, Btesh decided that he was going to follow his dreams. So, he embraced the passion that flows through him emphatically: Growth and Development

Commitment to Community

Btesh has always had a talent for evoking innovation. He has also had a knack for using his customer service skills to present his ideas. So, in addition to visualizing opportunities for growth, he can also express those ideas in a clear and defined manner.

A client of Btesh attested to his perceptive skills: “Gabriel sees the future as nobody else can. I have seen pictures of the land where my current apartment (one of Btesh’s buildings) is located. I am very surprised by the things he is able to achieve. ”

To Btesh, The Republic of Panama is a beloved land of opportunity and strength. The country is fruitful in its potential and ripe with pioneering developmental assets.

However, in every stage of Btesh’s projects, he is ultimately thinking about how the project will benefit his country. Every project is built to serve a purpose. For Btesh, that purpose is to enhance the future of the community it serves.

Developmental Accomplishments

Gabriel Btesh developed over a dozen commercial and residential buildings throughout the country. The collective sum of these projects has reached over one trillion dollars.

Since 1998 Btesh has upheld his strong convictions. He has sustained a long-term vision and an acute command over the budget for each project. It is due to his vigilance, innovation, and superior management, that each project has generated more than 1000 jobs.

Thus, over the past ten years, he has created more than 10,000 jobs for the people of Panama.

Additionally, Btesh created the 30 tallest buildings in Latin America.

Btesh is credited with developing the following iconic buildings:

-Waters on the Bay: 69 floors and 245 meters high.

-Aqualina: 62 floors and 214 meters high.

-White Tower: 62 floors and 214 meters high.

-Aquamare: 54 floors and 200 meters high.

Despite all his success, however, Btesh’s goal has never wavered from the core of its conception: developing blossoming community. The projects that he develops represent a comfortable and safe environment. Catering to families who are interested in improving their lifestyle, Btesh’s projects have a high, luxurious appeal.

Gabriel Btesh uses all modern materials in his facilities. Additionally, he designs creative spaces with gyms, bars, Jacuzzis, spas, and much more.

Basically, anything that a client wants, Btesh will figure out how to deliver in a safe, cost-effective manner.

In summation, ever since Btesh started his business, the innovation and opportunities for Panama’s growth is thriving. This is all thanks to a visionary who seeks the best for this beautiful Central American country