Gabriel Btesh Looks Back on a Lifetime in Construction

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

More than three decades on, construction and property sector veteran Gabriel Btesh looks back and reflects upon a lifetime in the industry.

A veteran of the industry for more than 30 years, Gabriel Btesh is today at the very forefront of Panama’s ever-growing construction sector. Pivotal to the Central and South American nation’s economy, Gabriel Btesh looks back and reflects upon three decades of success in leading Panama’s construction industry toward a more socially conscious approach to building houses, apartments, commercial properties, and more.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have enjoyed more than 30 years in an industry about which I’m truly passionate,” reveals Gabriel Gaby Btesh, owner and head of one of Panama City’s biggest, best-known, and most renowned construction companies.

Gabriel Btesh first entered the construction industry as a young man more than three decades ago. In the years since, Btesh has come to be known as a leading figure within the sector, both in Panama City and across the wider Republic of Panama. Such is Gabriel Btesh’s drive that, in recent years, he’s gradually taken over operations from his father, Jack Btesh, to assume the role of head of the family’s thriving construction and property empire.

“Following a lifetime in construction, I’ve seen perhaps every possible side of the industry,” says Gabriel Btesh. From ever-evolving tools and techniques to new opportunities afforded by the latest cutting-edge technologies, the construction industry, according to Gabriel, is now central to the economy in Panama. Famed in South and Central America for its history, heritage, and centuries-old architecture, around the world, Panama is perhaps best known for the engineering marvel which is the Panama Canal.

Among Gabriel Btesh’s professional highlights has, he goes on to reveal, been seeing the results of his efforts surrounding improved standards of living and bolstered well-being. It’s part of an ethos that he calls socially conscious construction, according to Btesh.

From building houses for those in need to developing thriving retail and commercial hubs home to hundreds of businesses, Gabriel Btesh’s efforts, he says, have succeeded not only in improving standards of living and promoting well-being within the community, but in boosting the Republic of Panama’s economy, too.

Decades on since it was first established by his father, Jack, Gabriel Btesh’s family business, he says, continues to truly thrive. “I’ve always yearned to do what was best for my family and my country,” adds Btesh, wrapping up, “yet I never could’ve imagined that I’d enjoy such success in both senses or that it would prove to be so utterly rewarding.”