Gabriel Btesh Looks Toward Upcoming Public Holidays in Panama

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Construction company owner Gabriel Btesh shares details of upcoming public holidays due to be celebrated during November and December throughout Panama.


From Independence Day and Flag Day to Mothers’ Day and Christmas, renowned Panama City construction company boss Gabriel Btesh looks toward the rest of this year’s upcoming public holidays, each of which is celebrated annually in the Central and South American Republic of Panama.


“Sunday, November 3, 2019, marks Separation Day in Panama,” reveals Btesh. The day, which celebrates Panama’s separation from Colombia, is followed by Flag Day on Monday, November 4, and, a day later, on Tuesday, November 5, by what’s known as Colón Day in Panama, according to the renowned construction company owner.


Colón is a city and seaport in the country, close to the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal. The birthplace of psychologist and educator Kenneth B. Clark, journalist and talk show host Eric Jackson, American politician John McCain, political commentator Juan Williams, and musician Billy Cobham, Colón Day celebrates what has traditionally become known as Panama’s second city.


“The day before, Panamanian Flag Day,” Btesh explains, “which immediately follows Separation Day, is one of a series of holidays known as the Fiestas Patrias.”


November 10, meanwhile, which this year also falls on a Sunday, marks Primer Grito de Independencia de la Villa de los Santos, celebrating The Gesture of Rufina Alfaro and the uprising in the Villa de los Santos against Spain. “What follows next is Independence Day,” adds construction company boss Btesh, “on Thursday, November 28, 2019.”


The day, he explains, marks Panama’s independence from Spain.


December then marks Mothers’ Day, according to Btesh, and, finally, Christmas Day and associated festivities. Mothers’ Day will be celebrated on Sunday, December 8, alongside the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. “Panama is one of only two countries in the world which celebrates Mothers’ Day in December,” Btesh reveals, “alongside Indonesia, which will celebrate the occasion this year on Sunday, December 22.”


Gabriel Btesh has previously celebrated Panama City’s 500th anniversary of founding on August 15, as well as his own 30-year commitment to integrity within the nation’s construction industry, revealing extensive details of an ongoing professional legacy centered around wellness, well-being, and a strengthened economy. He remains, he says, at the very forefront of socially conscious construction in Panama.


Btesh has also provided insight into the growing Central and South American construction sector and has discussed raising the bar for architectural standards in the region. “I continue to maintain a strong philosophy,” he adds, wrapping up, “when it comes to achieving success, and remain committed to better-than-ever standards of living across Panama and elsewhere in South and Central America.”