Gabriel Btesh Marks 30-year Commitment to Architectural Integrity

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Gabriel Btesh Commitment to Architectural Integrity Gabriel Btesh Commitment to Architectural Integrity

Construction industry veteran Gabriel Btesh marks a three-decade commitment to architectural integrity in Panama.


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Now in charge of the successful family construction firm first established by his father, industry veteran Gabriel Btesh remains committed to advancing standards of architectural integrity in Panama. Sourcing only modern, high-quality materials, Btesh reveals more about how he continues to successfully structure upscale, luxurious-feeling living and working spaces in a sufficiently cost-effective manner after more than three decades in the business.


“By employing the latest, most modern advances in construction sector technology, and by being focused on ever-improving standards of architectural integrity, we’re leading a fresh approach to both commercial and residential construction in Panama,” explains Btesh.


The construction company boss is based in Panama City, the country’s capital and a modern city framed by the Pacific Ocean and Panama Canal, an essential shipping route linking the Atlantic and Pacific. Today, the city is home to more than 475,000 people.


Btesh says he’s focused on structuring a business wherein which he and his team are able to ensure not just unparalleled levels of architectural integrity, but also new levels of luxury and convenience for families, individuals, businesses, and visitors to the firm’s many retail, leisure, and entertainment industry projects.


Gabriel Btesh is also dedicated to bolstering and improving levels of well-being and standards of living through his work, both in Panama City and across the Central and South American nation, officially the Republic of Panama, and has been now for more than 30 years. “It’s about making the country a great place to both live and work,” he suggests. “Ultimately, it’s about creating something of a legacy for Panama’s construction sector, and for the nation as a whole,” adds the proud businessman, entrepreneur, and family man.


Btesh estimates that, in the last decade alone, his family construction firm has directly created in excess of 10,000 skilled jobs, while indirectly creating thousands more within the company’s many completed retail, leisure, and entertainment sector sites.


In addition to supporting continued efforts to improve construction standards in Panama, Btesh is further committed to placing gyms, social areas, and creative spaces in many of the company’s finished residential properties. “These are designed to be enjoyed by those who live there,” he explains, “as well as their friends and families.”


“This is part of my commitment,” Btesh adds, wrapping up, “not solely to improving standards of architectural integrity in Panama, but also to bolstering feelings of well-being and to set a precedent for new standards of living in my much-loved and beautiful home country.”