Gabriel Btesh Marks Another Year at the Forefront of Panama’s Construction Industry

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Panama City construction company boss Gabriel Btesh enjoys another year of success at the very forefront of Panama’s burgeoning construction industry.


Thirty years on, Gabriel Btesh continues to lead Panama’s burgeoning construction industry. Committed to socially conscious construction designed to support unparalleled standards of living and well-being, Btesh looks back at more than three decades of success and opens up about his professional legacy.


“Much of the success I’ve enjoyed, and which my family’s construction company has enjoyed, is thanks to a commitment to both architectural integrity and cost-effectively structured new standards of living designed to promote wellness and well-being,” explains Btesh.


Indeed, Gabriel Btesh is famed within Panama City’s construction industry, in particular, as well as elsewhere in the Republic of Panama, for his commitment to placing gyms, social areas, and creative spaces in many of his completed apartment buildings and other residential properties. “These are designed to benefit those who live there physically, mentally, and socially,” he explains, “as well as providing the same benefits to their close family and friends.”


Not content with revolutionizing standards of architectural integrity in Panama, which Btesh is also famed for, the construction company boss continues to stress the importance of improved standards of living and bolstered feelings of well-being as each year passes.


The construction company boss also remains committed to creating new employment opportunities wherever possible. “It’s about making Panama a great place to both live and work,” suggests Btesh, pointing toward his commitment both to construction industry standards and bolstered standards of living and well-being, as well as a strengthened economy.


Btesh has previously spoken at length about his wellness-focused approach to construction and pursuing well-being through the industry in Panama, his ongoing professional legacy, his commitment to the economy, and has explained, in detail, growing integrity within the sector over the course of more than 30 years.


Gabriel Btesh firmly believes, he says, in creating a lasting legacy for Panama’s construction sector, its skilled workers, and for the nation as a whole. The proud businessman, entrepreneur, and family man estimates that, in the last decade alone, his company has directly created more than 10,000 skilled jobs in Panama.


“Through our retail, leisure, and entertainment industry projects, meanwhile,” he adds, wrapping up, “we’ve also indirectly created many thousands more, such as at Mall Los Pueblos—Panama City’s biggest and best-known mall—and at the 280-hectare, 18-hole Santa Maria Golf and Country Club on the outskirts of the city.”