Gabriel Btesh: Maverick of the Construction Industry

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

For over 30 years, Gabriel Btesh has dedicated his life to developing and improving the construction industry in his home country of Panama. As a result, he has singlehandedly helped to stimulate the economy of an entire nation. Like Rome, Gabriel Btesh’s accomplishments were not built in one day. It took years and years of blood, sweat, and tears to create a business that has helped to employ an extremely large group of people.

The Beginnings of A Visionary

The son of business owners, Gabriel Btesh found his calling quite early as he shadowed his father’s construction company. Thanks to his dedication to the art and craft of construction, Gabriel Btesh would, after studying at University, help his family land the national airport of Panama: Tocumen International Airport. Thanks to their collective vision and propensity for perfection, international brands would be lining up to offer their products and services inside of this airport. Aided by the success of the airport deal, a lasting legacy would result in Gabriel Btesh’s push into the real estate market.

A Visionary At Work

Gabriel Btesh’s entrepreneurial drive and search for the ideal real estate deal would eventually lead him to develop the Mall Los Pueblos, a site that is now known as one of today’s most successful retail locations in the country. Deeper cuts into real estate would see him developing much larger facilities that would have the ability to generate the jobs needed to boost a struggling economy in his home country.

The Job Boom

Gabriel Btesh’s architectural prowess and a knack for bringing organizations together have resulted in a job boom that has resulted in facilities being created that need upwards of 10,000 individuals to develop. And the wild thing as that these jobs have come up in Panama after only 10 years of work. This speed also points to Gabriel Btesh as an expert job creator, looking for ways to serve and impact his home country with incredible works of architectural magnificence.

Economic Boosters

Thanks to the creation of these jobs to power the construction of these large facilities, the spending money of the people of Panama has been greater than ever before. The rate of imports from the spending power of the average Panamanian as well as the exports as a result of new businesses being created has helped to directly drive the economy into an uptick.

Gabriel Btesh is a tour de force of entrepreneurial talent in the real estate and construction sectors. It will be quite exciting to see what and where he brings his talents next. Expect much in the future for this driven visionary.