Gabriel Btesh opens up about raising the bar for architectural integrity in Panama

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GABRIEL BTESH architectural integrity in Panama GABRIEL BTESH architectural integrity in Panama

During an illustrious career in construction and property development, Gabriel Btesh and his team have successfully raised the bar for architectural integrity in the Republic of Panama.

Successfully taking over the family business, construction and property development specialist Gabriel Btesh has overseen many retail, leisure, and entertainment industry construction projects throughout Panama. During 30 years in the market, he and his company, originally founded by his father, Jack Btesh, have succeeded in revolutionizing standards of architectural integrity as part of a conscious commitment to well-being in the country.

From shopping malls, including Mall Los Pueblos, Panama City’s largest shopping destination, to five-star hotels and venues such as Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, it’s Btesh’s work in residential construction of which he’s most proud.

Commissioned to design and construct a particular series of apartment buildings in Panama City, it’s perhaps this project of which Btesh is proudest, he says. “The company and I were commissioned to work on a series of apartment buildings, designed to cater to local families,” he explains. “They were designed to offer affordable living while simultaneously providing a comfortable and safe environment.”

Btesh placed an immediate focus on architectural integrity, and on improving the quality of life of those who would live there. Despite the affordable nature of the project, he succeeded in sourcing only modern, high-quality materials for the construction. “What we did was creatively structure a luxury living space, but in a cost-effective manner,” says Btesh.

Further solidifying his commitment to well-being, Btesh personally ensured that the apartment buildings also included amenities such as social areas, a gym, and a number of different creative spaces. “As a result, families in Panama City who never imagined they’d see truly modern conveniences were able to afford these upscale properties and enjoy a level of luxury and the benefits which came with them,” Btesh reveals.

This, he says, is one of his proudest achievements, alongside raising the bar for architectural integrity across the nation, and is something upon which he reflects frequently. “I’m immensely proud,” he says, “of many of the projects which we’ve been able to complete as a company, but this one, in particular, continues to stand out.”

Btesh goes on to point out that during the last 10 years alone, he and his company have successfully created over 10,000 construction jobs across Panama. During the same period, it’s also estimated that many thousands more jobs have been created indirectly as a result.

“I’m incredibly happy that we’re able to continue helping change the face of Panama, increasing standards of living and growing the country’s economy in the process,” Btesh adds, wrapping up.