Gabriel Btesh Provides Insight Into Growing Central and South American Construction Sector

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Construction industry veteran Gabriel Btesh sheds new light on the burgeoning property development sector in Central and South America.


A thirty-year veteran of Panama’s now-burgeoning construction sector, Gabriel Btesh reveals more about the rapidly growing industry and explains his ongoing commitment to standards of living, architectural integrity, well-being, and an ever-strengthening economy in the Central and South American nation.


Located on the isthmus linking Central and South America, the Republic of Panama is famed for its rich culture, lush rainforests, and beautiful beaches. The Panama Canal, widely considered one of the most remarkable feats of modern human engineering, cuts across its center, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to form a now-essential and much relied upon international shipping route.


“In the country’s capital, Panama City, modern skyscrapers, nightclubs, and casinos sit in stark but pleasant contrast alongside colonial buildings, such as in the city’s Casco Viejo district,” reveals Btesh, himself responsible for some of Panama City’s biggest, most modern, and most famous new developments.


The same growth and advances within the construction sector, he says, can today be seen across much of modern Central and South America.


In recent years, Gabriel Btesh and his construction firm have worked on projects ranging from Panama City’s most prominent and best-known mall and the Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, to a series of wellness-focused and luxurious—yet affordable—residential apartment buildings. These apartment buildings, he says, are perfectly tailored toward Panama City’s 1.5 million-strong metropolitan area population, a large slice of which consists of young and growing families.


“In spite of such vast, modern development, Panama City’s Natural Metropolitan Park still boasts true rainforest conditions,” reveals Btesh, “representing a true oasis and a haven for the country’s wonderful wildlife in the heart of the city.”


Btesh has previously spoken extensively about his commitment to standards of living, well-being, and architectural integrity, as well as to an ever-strengthening economy in the country. “By including gym facilities, social areas, and further creative spaces within many of our residential projects, for example, we’re actively promoting well-being and fantastic standards of living,” he suggests.


A keen proponent of the advances being made toward unparalleled architectural integrity in Panama, Btesh also remains committed, he says, to the importance of affordability. “It’s about delivering new levels of modern luxury, but in a manner which is affordable and cost-effective for all,” adds the construction company boss.


“What’s more, we’re creating thousands of jobs in the process, promoting the circulation of funds and finances in a positive, accumulative manner nationwide,” he remarks, “contributing significantly toward the country’s economy.”


“Ultimately, it’s about helping to make Panama, and the rest of Central and South America, an incredible place to both live and work,” adds Btesh, wrapping up, “while simultaneously creating a legacy for both my family and for this part of the world as a whole.”