Gabriel Btesh: Redefining Panama City and the Business of Construction

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

The Work of Gabriel Btesh is Showing Its True Value in the Age of the Coronavirus.

It was a family business that was the foundation, the role of construction that was the tool, and Gabriel Gaby Btesh was the man behind the change. Now that change is being realized in his home of Panama City, and beyond. It is also in the age of the coronavirus that his words, which have almost become his mission statement, reveal their true value.

As the pandemic continues to threaten the safety of people and their way of life, it is because of his work that so many can endure these trying days, more comfortably and safely. In his own words, Gabriel Btesh has said, “I’ve long been an advocate for the improvements being made surrounding accelerating standards of living and well-being… and on a scale as great as possible.”

That scale has been great indeed. In the period of a few short decades, Gabriel Btesh has been given credit for much of the change in Panama City, from improved housing to contributing to job creation and the Republic’s economic growth.

The housing sector and housing developments were the early focus of his business, providing a better, safer, and a higher standard and quality of life. That success soon propelled Gabriel Btesh to expand his company’s construction efforts into the arena of commercial business like the entertainment and leisure sectors. Those latter endeavors have been responsible for the creation of “…tens of thousands of jobs,” as Gabriel Btesh proudly says.

Since taking the helm of his father’s construction company, Gabriel Btesh has spent more than three decades investing in the people, the well-being, and the business of Panama City. That investment has been evident in his commitment to providing improved and better housing options for lower-income and young families.

While these accomplishments have given Gabriel Btesh a platform as a leader in socially conscious construction, his work is far from over. Today, Gabriel Btesh is investing in other construction companies who seek to follow his success and socially conscious example.

As a mentor, Gabriel Btesh is now helping others in the construction industry. As a philanthropist, he has focused his time, efforts, and attention on the housing needs of the less-privileged. Gabriel Gaby Btesh continues the legacy of Btesh Construction, and he is doing it by building more than homes.