Gabriel Btesh reflects on successful property career and passion for well-being in Panama

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GABRIEL BTESH career and passion for well being in Panama GABRIEL BTESH career and passion for well being in Panama

Real estate development in Panama has enjoyed a surge in both interest and investment in recent years.

Thanks in part to property developers such as Gabriel Btesh, the country has benefited hugely as a result, both through the creation of jobs in construction and as a result of a more buoyant property market.

After taking over the family business from his father, Btesh explains that, for him, working in property development and construction is as much about building a legacy for current generations of Panamanians as it is about money, success, or personal pride. “Furthermore, in addition to supporting my family, it’s about making the country itself more prosperous as a whole,” he adds.

By any measure, he’s succeeded, and having started his property and real estate career in the early 1990s, almost three decades on Btesh is also now a keen proponent of the advances being made toward increasing standards of living and well-being in Panama.

“I had always yearned to do what was right for my family and my country,” reveals Btesh. “However, I never dared to dream that I’d enjoy success in both senses to this extent and that it would prove to be so rewarding.”

Through his endeavors, Btesh says he’s now able to promote both the advancement of his father’s company and the well-being of those living in Panama. “Building homes for those in need, in particular, has been one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of my career,” he adds.

In addition to residential developments, Gabriel Btesh has also worked on a tremendous number of commercial properties and projects across Panama. The real estate developer estimates that the combined value of these projects, completed over a period of almost 30 years, is today upwards of a trillion dollars.

Despite such vast sums, however, Btesh suggests that deep down, his real estate and construction endeavors have always been primarily about the betterment of his country, second only to support his family. “My goals, in that respect, have never wavered,” he emphasizes of the fact.

Highlighting one development, in particular, Btesh goes on to share details of a project undertaken in Panama City. “The company and I were commissioned to work on a series of apartment buildings, designed to cater to local families,” he explains. “They were designed to offer affordable living while simultaneously providing a comfortable and safe environment.”

The immediate focus for Gabriel Btesh was on improving the quality of life of prospective tenants, and despite the affordable nature of the project, the developer sourced only modern, high-quality materials for the construction. “What we did was creatively structure a luxury living space, but in a cost-effective manner,” he points out.

Going one step further, Btesh personally ensured that the apartment buildings included amenities such as a gym, social areas, and creative spaces. “As a result, families who never imagined they’d see truly modern conveniences, let alone a level of luxury, were able to afford these upscale properties and enjoy the benefits which came with them,” says Btesh.

“This, I hope,” he adds in conclusion, “will have served to change the lives of the families who moved into those properties, both for the better and for as long as they remain living there. It’s something which I reflect on often, and something which I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of.”