Gabriel Btesh reveals goals for Panama’s construction industry

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A successful and well-known construction firm owner, Gabriel Btesh has worked tirelessly over several decades to help reshape his company’s industry.

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As head of the family construction business originally founded by his father, Gabriel Btesh has spent over 30 years striving to change the face of the construction industry in his native Panama. Dedicated to a series of commitments made to himself early in his career, the construction company boss pledged to revolutionize the industry in three key areas.

“I promised myself that I would work toward increased well-being in the country, improved standards of living, and new levels of industry-wide architectural integrity,” reveals Gabriel Btesh.

These goals, he says, would come second only to providing for his family, and have now been a key focus and driving force within his professional life for over three decades. “I’m proud to say that not only has the company grown to become a great success, but we’ve also succeeded in improving standards of living in Panama, in promoting well-being, and in implementing new levels of architectural integrity which are now largely standard,” he explains.

From affordable housing projects to 5-star resorts and major shopping malls, Gabriel Gaby Btesh has managed to not only achieve his goals but has also created tens of thousands of much-needed jobs in the process. “In doing so, we’re helping to boost the economy of Panama which is great news for everyone as a nation,” he adds.

Of achieving improved standards of living and promoting well-being, Gabriel Btesh explains that he remains committed to including amenities such as gyms, social areas, and creative spaces within the company’s residential and leisure projects.

Meanwhile, by sourcing only modern, high-quality materials—yet remaining conscious of cost—he has successfully fostered a new approach to construction in the country. “What we’ve been able to do, particularly in terms of affordable housing projects, is to creatively structure beautiful, modern living spaces, but in a cost-effective manner,” he adds.

Of the jobs created and the economic benefits of the company’s retail projects, Gabriel Gaby Btesh points out that where money is being regularly earned and spent, the economy is benefiting. “It circulates in a positive and accumulative manner, both locally and throughout the country, helping the wider economy of Panama to grow,” he suggests.

“I’m delighted that we’re able to continue helping change the face of Panama, increasing standards of living and growing the country’s economy in the process,” Gabriel Btesh adds, wrapping up.