Gabriel Btesh Shares Construction Industry Goals and Career High Points

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Gabriel Btesh Construtction Goals Featured Gabriel Btesh Construtction Goals Featured

Gabriel Btesh Shares Construction Industry Goals and Career High Points

Gabriel Btesh Shares Construction

Dedicated to driving change within Panama’s construction sector with a life-long passion. Developer and company boss Gabriel Btesh has spent three decades focused on social change. Standards of living, and improving the Central and South American country’s economy through continued efforts to strengthen various industries. To date, Gabriel Btesh’s company—originally founded by his father. Has created tens of thousands of jobs and has completed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction. Supporting improved standards of architectural integrity and fostering new approaches to well-being throughout the nation.


“I wanted to create a legacy, both professionally. For the business, founded by my father—and, more personally, for my family and I.”


By all accounts, Gabriel Btesh has succeeded. Generating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction sector development. Directly creating an estimated 30,000 jobs, and further supporting many thousands more. Indirectly, through the company’s retail, leisure, and entertainment industry projects.


Btesh goes on to share details of two career highlights, starting with a particular residential project. Here, he and the company were commissioned to work on a series of apartment buildings, designed to cater to local, predominantly young families in Panama City. “They were intended,” says Btesh, “to allow for an affordable living while simultaneously providing an environment which was both safe and comfortable.”


“As part of the project,” he continues, “I ensured, personally, that the apartment buildings each included gym facilities and other amenities such as social areas and creative spaces.”



Construction Company Boss Gabriel Btesh Points Out Goals for the Industry and Reveals His Own Career Highlights.

As a result, Btesh goes on to point out that those who may never have imagined that they would see truly modern conveniences or a level of luxury were able to afford these upscale properties, wherein which they and their families could enjoy the benefits which came with living there.


The construction company owner’s second highlight centers around Panama City’s Mall Los Pueblos. “Not only did the construction project there directly create a massive number of jobs in the area,” he explains, “but it continues, subsequently, to keep on creating more and more jobs even years down the line.”


The success of this project, says company boss Gabriel Btesh, prompted further construction of additional retail space in neighboring areas. Now a thriving and prosperous retail destination. The Mall Los Pueblos district continues to support thousands of local jobs. In addition to further construction ongoing, creating a variety of additional employment opportunities.


“Retail and leisure industry projects such as Mall Los Pueblos see money being regularly earned and spent,” adds Gabriel Btesh, wrapping up, “circulating in a positive and accumulative manner both locally and throughout Panama, wherein which the economy is benefiting greatly, something which I’m incredibly proud to have had a hand in facilitating.”


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