Gabriel Btesh Shares Details of Property Endeavors in Panama

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Gabriel Btesh Shares Details of Property Endeavors in Panama Gabriel Btesh Shares Details of Property Endeavors in Panama
Gabriel Btesh Shares Details of Property Endeavors in Panama


A strong focus on innovation within the construction, standards of living, and general well-being have seen Jack Btesh, son Gabriel, and their successful family business flourish over more than three decades. Taking over from his father, Gabriel Btesh is now at the helm. “My father laid a sturdy foundation,” he explains, “and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

Under Gabriel Btesh’s careful direction, the once small family construction business has now grown into an internationally recognized player in the industry.

What’s more, according to Gabriel “gaby” Btesh, the company is more than just a business for him and his family. “Not only are we building a legacy for our family, but we’re also building a legacy for all of Panama and have successfully raised the bar for architectural integrity in the country,” he reveals.

Btesh is unmistakably passionate about standards of living, about well-being, and about architectural integrity. “I’ve always been a keen proponent of the advances being made toward increasing standards of living and well-being in my country,” he explains. “I had always yearned to do what was right, on a scale as great as possible.”

According to Btesh, building homes for those in need has been one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of his career. Through his professional efforts, Gabriel Btesh says he’s been able to promote both the advancement of the family business and the importance of the well-being of those living in Panama.


Well known for their continued efforts in and around construction, the Btesh family are well regarded in their native Panama.

In addition to the construction of affordable housing, Btesh has also focused closely on improving standards of living in the country by supporting the creation of many thousands of jobs. “For example,” he points out, “the project we undertook at Mall Los Pueblos in Panama City. Not only did the construction work create over 1,000 jobs in the area. But it has continued to create jobs ever since completion.”

Btesh estimates that over the last decade, his business has created upwards of 10,000 jobs in construction alone. Referring back to Mall Los Pueblos. Gabriel Btesh explains that the shopping destination quickly attracted customers. “Leasing all available space. Which prompted further construction of additional retail space in the immediate vicinity.”

The outcome of this is that. With Mall Los Pueblos and neighboring retail locations flourishing, more and more new jobs are created. “The area quickly became the most popular shopping destination in all of Panama City,” Btesh reveals.

He continues, “We’ve repeated the process and the cycle ever since, both in residential and commercial construction. I wholly believe that by securing the positive cycle of employees. In addition, to grow bigger as a company, we’ve really helped the Panamanian economy to grow in recent years.”

“I sincerely hope that since taking over the business from my father. I’ve succeeded in helping toward building a better future for Panama. Facilitating the growth of the economy, and restoring prosperity and hope in the region at the same time.”