Gabriel Btesh showcases benefits of construction industry on economy of Panama

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GABRIEL BTESH benefits of construction industry GABRIEL BTESH benefits of construction industry

Construction firm boss Gabriel Btesh reveals how the industry is benefiting the economy in the Republic of Panama.

With more than three decades of experience within Panama’s construction industry, few people have a better understanding of the business than Panama City construction firm owner Gabriel Btesh as he showcases several of the many benefits posed by the industry on today’s economy in the Central and South American nation.

“As a company, we’ve directly created tens of thousands of construction sector jobs here in Panama,” reveals Gabriel Btesh, a thirty year veteran of the country’s construction industry, today based in Panama City.

Furthermore, Btesh points out how his company’s leisure, retail, and entertainment sector projects have also indirectly created many thousands more jobs across a variety of different industries in recent years. “Both here in Panama City as well as across the country, projects such as Mall Los Pueblos and Santa Maria Golf & Country Club have generated a huge number of additional employment opportunities for those seeking to find work,” he explains.

This, says Gabriel Btesh, comes as a result of the high standards maintained by the business, which is focused on the construction of residential, commercial, leisure, and entertainment industry projects in some of Panama City’s most desirable locations. “Mall Los Pueblos, for example, here in the city,” he suggests, “quickly attracted retailers, and, as such, an abundance of paying customers.”

Figures show that even shortly after construction was finished, all available retail space in the mall was accounted for, promoting further development of additional retail space in the surrounding area. “The effect of this,” explains Btesh, “is that the area has become a truly prime retail and shopping destination, creating—and continuing to create—a steady flow of employment opportunities.”

Of the country’s economy and the construction industry’s ongoing effect upon it, Btesh points out that where individuals have jobs, they also have funds to spend. “When these hard-working men and women spend their money, they’re putting those funds into the country’s economy,” he explains, “where they then circulate in a positive, accumulative manner nationwide.”

The construction firm boss believes that by securing the positive cycle of employment, earning, and spending, his company, and the wider construction industry, are, together, both directly and indirectly helping the economy in Panama to flourish.

“Through other projects, we’ve also delivered many new forms of entertainment, including 5-star hotels and resorts, bringing in tourists and further bolstering the wider economy,” Gabriel Btesh adds, wrapping up, “while also making surrounding areas more desirable places to live, simultaneously boosting property prices and helping to spread wealth throughout the country in the process.”