Gabriel Btesh Takes Family Business to International Success

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Entrepreneur Gabriel Btesh is honored to use his passion, and family business to help the people of Panama.

Entrepreneurialism runs in the Btesh family. Gabriel Btesh’s father, Jack Btesh founded the family company, Ben Btesh International in 1959. This family-owned company eventually landed in the Tocumen International Airport. From there, it became Latin America’s leading brand positioning company for boutiques of international brands.

However, that was before Gabriel Btesh took the company over. That was the true beginning of Gabriel Btesh’s family legacy.

Born Entrepreneur

Even from a young age, Gabriel Btesh knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Young Btesh knew he was going to follow in his father’s footsteps and propel his family company forward.
Gabriel Btesh took full advantage of having the opportunity to finish high school in the united states. Afterward, he finished his education by studying at Chamberlain University.

Btesh returned to his home country of Panama to help his father with his business, once he was sufficiently educated.

At that time, he felt as though he was fulfilling his birthright. Yet, he had no idea how far his talent and finesse for business was going to take him.

Building Upon the Foundation

When Gabriel Btesh took over his father’s company, it had already gained clout and esteem within the business community.

Btesh was aiming to take his father’s company to new heights. While maintaining the excellent reputation that his father had painstakingly built, Btesh brought in his expertise.

In the 1990’s, Btesh was maintaining the company foundation, while testing the real estate market. He knew it was strong, at the time, but Btesh wasn’t sure if it was right for his family’s company.

Although, it didn’t take long for Gabriel Btesh to realize diving in was the leap of faith Ben Btesh International needed.

Soon, Btesh was expanding into many factions of the real estate market. One of his first projects, the Mall Los Pueblos, has become the most popular retail location in Panama.

Constructing the Future

Eventually, Gabriel Btesh started a movement within Panama. While building retail locations, and eventually housing developments, Btesh realized the positive effect the construction has on his homeland.

The buildings, along with the jobs and homes he was creating was giving his come country hope. He was progressing them forward, simply by doing what he loved. Eventually, his family business became a business that was revered by all of Panama.

“Building the family business is also looking towards the progress of Panama,” Btesh said.
Btesh wanted to continue making a difference in his country when he realized the impact he was having.

So, throughout the next few decades, Gabriel Btesh built twenty-four apartment towers in Panama City.
Plus, his projects currently equal 200,000 square meters of commercial premises and offices.
In summation, Gabriel Btesh is pleased with his work but is encouraged to do more.

Every time he builds something new, or expands his father’s company in some manner, he reaps a plethora of rewards. Using his passion to give back to his country fulfills Btesh insurmountably.