Gabriel Btesh: The Mind Behind Some of Panama’s Greatest Buildings

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Gabriel Btesh Gabriel Btesh

Gabriel Btesh and Community


Since 1998, Gabriel Btesh, construction sector expert, has been helping to build his community in both a figurative and literal sense. In giving back to the community and providing an avenue to better living for those formally unable to reside in high-quality spaces, Gabriel Btesh is helping ensure a better future for all of Panama.


Through creative affordable housing projects helmed by Gabriel Btesh, the quality of life and well-being of uncountable families has been positively impacted. In his own words: “This is part of my commitment, not solely to improve standards of architectural integrity in Panama, but also to bolster feelings of well-being and to set a precedent for new standards of living in my much-loved and beautiful home country.”


Architectural Marvels of Gabriel Btesh


 Several of the tallest buildings in not just Panama, but all of Latin America, can be attributed to Gabrial Btesh. 


As with all his projects, these buildings were built with high-quality materials and supplies in order to provide the maximum level of comfort and well-being for those who would reside within. It’s a true marvel to stand atop any of these and gaze out upon one of the most beautiful cities in the world – and a testament to the true wonders that can be accomplished by someone with their heart in the right place.



  • White Tower: 62 floors                                              
  • Aqualina: 67 floors
  • Waters on the Bay: 69 floors                
  • Aquamare: 54 floors 


The views from any of these buildings are spectacular – though, one may be distracted by the luxurious interiors! The exteriors of the buildings themselves make no small contribution to the gorgeous Panamanian skyline.




Gabriel Btesh’s Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle


While these particular buildings are undoubtedly impressive spectacles, what is perhaps more impressive is the thought and care that has gone into making them a reality. 


State-of-the-art gymnasiums, social centers, and areas designed for creative expression are all essential aspects of the living space. Gabriel Btesh explains: “Socializing and regular exercise are both demonstrated to support a significantly increased sense of well-being, with exercise, in particular, promoting a relaxed and positive outlook.”


“By incorporating such facilities,” Btesh continues, “we’re able to promote calm and encourage improved well-being for the families who live there.”


Panama is inarguably a beautiful place to live, made only better by the efforts Gabriel Btesh has put into improving it. His commitment to construction standards have revolutionized the way the Panamanian construction industry operates as a whole, creating a better, safer, and higher quality of life in general for all involved.


This is the driving force and philosophy behind Btesh’s work: to create and maintain the necessary living spaces for Panamanian citizens, not just as a means to an end, but as a way to enhance the lives of now and future generations.  


“It has always been my dream to ensure the future of my people will be a comfortable and prosperous one”, Btesh says, “and I will continue to pursue that dream for as long as I am able.”


It’s clear to see Gabriel Btesh not only has Panama’s best interests at heart – but also, the means to make dreams reality.