Garrett Hofer Discusses Why He Loves Spending Time Outdoors with the Family

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Garrett Hofer Garrett Hofer

Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT, loves nothing more than spending time with his family. As a working father, avid volunteer, and rugby coach, his days are typically packed from sunrise to sunset, but he never fails to make time for his wife and kids. One of the best ways to get the most out of family time, he says, is by spending time outdoors together.

From an early age, Garrett Hofer has loved the outdoors. Growing up with a single dad, a Vietnam veteran, he learned to appreciate the simple things in life over material goods.Garrett Hofer of East Lyme

“I love immersing myself in nature and taking time to enjoy the amazing experiences that many people never see or pay attention to [like] sunrises, sunsets, the natural world coming to life each day, and getting to truly philosophize when nobody else is around,” Garrett Hofer said.

Although he didn’t travel by plane until his senior year of high school, he and his dad were avid explorers, taking road trips in his camper-truck from Arvada, CO to nearby destinations. Throughout his childhood and teen years, Garrett Hofer recalls visiting Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Montana, and various spots in Colorado. These precious memories with his dad inspired him to want to create the same moments with his family.

While attending the University of Wyoming, Garrett Hofer played rugby. One of the many benefits of his athletic participation was the opportunity to travel more. The team ventured to Universities in Utah, Nebraska, and Colorado for matches.

After graduation, Garrett Hofer moved cross-country to Connecticut, where he started his professional career and met his spouse. The pair shared many things in common, among them a desire to explore the world, and spent several years traveling before they tied the knot. Some of their favorite destinations include Maui, Jupiter, FL, Key West, FL, Steamboat Springs, CO, Texas, St. Thomas, VI, Southampton, NY, and Newport, RI. Garrett Hofer mentioned some other favorite destinations for natural beauty and outdoor recreation include Jackson Hole, WY, Brooks Range and Katmai National Park in Alaska, the Hebrides in Scotland, British Columbia, and Argentina.

Like many New Englanders, Garrett Hofer and his family enjoy some winter activities in New England, but also like to go to warmer climates like FL. Wherever they are, Garrett Hofer of CT and his family are happiest when spending time together. Whether walking through forests in New England, hiking mountains in Colorado, or relaxing on the beach in Florida, being immersed in nature provides unique opportunities to strengthen family bonds and experience precious time together.