Garrett Hofer’s 3 Tips for Building Your Dream Home

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Garrett Hofer Garrett Hofer

Your home is your castle. Building a new custom home is the best way to ensure your abode suits your needs and style. As Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT, explains, custom home-building allows you to have a hand in every part of the process, from selecting the location to picking out countertop finishes and decor. He offers three expert tips for first-time home builders.

3 Tips for Building a New Home

Have a Budget
The first step in any home building or improvement project should be making a budget, Garrett Hofer says. Before you contact builders for an estimate, ensure you know how much you can afford to spend. Research the cost of building a home in your area with consideration for variables such as house size, roofing, the number of floors and rooms, and insulation. Make a list of priorities to determine what you’re willing to compromise on if necessary. Garrett Hofer says to be sure to factor in some wiggle room for unexpected expenses. This will help your contractor work with you to establish a realistic plan based on your budget.

Find the Right Location
You know the real estate mantra, “location, location, location.” Even the most beautiful home won’t live up to its potential in an unfavorable location, Garrett Hofer says. Consider your family’s needs and priorities when scouting a spot. Do you prefer to live on some land with ample space for privacy, fruit trees, and animals? Or would you prefer to live in the suburbs or city with neighbors close by? Garrett Hofer also suggests looking into the school district, as well as access to stores, medical facilities, and public transportation.

Hire the Right Home Builders
Once you have a clear idea of what you want and how much you can spend, hire an experienced, licensed builder. Garrett Hofer advises considering the builders’ reputation; look at online reviews and ask for references. Take a look at their portfolio and see if they’ve built something similar to the home you have in mind. If friends or family members have recently had a house built, ask them for recommendations. When speaking with referrals, Garrett Hofer suggests inquiring about the builders’ customer service, workmanship, and communication. Garrett Hofer also suggests discussing a timeline right off the bat. A good contractor should be able to provide an accurate estimate and timeline in your first meeting. Keep in mind factors such as weather and obtaining permits can cause delays.

When designing your dream home, remember that your home should be a place to relax, enjoy time with your family and friends, and be a place to celebrate many great life experiences!