Gary DeWaard and Family Invite Local Community to the Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics Club

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Gary DeWaard Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics Club Gary DeWaard Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics Club

Gary DeWaard supports his wife’s Funky Monkey Tumbling Club by setting up equipment, handling concessions, serving as an extra pair of hands when needed and more.


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Together, he and his family bring their local community together by coordinating events for parents and children alike and providing a positive atmosphere for extracurricular activity.


Gary DeWaard has built a career out of helping businesses find their footing and grow to new heights. As an experienced entrepreneur of sales and marketing, he has worked alongside early businesses as well as late-stage companies to ensure they make a big splash in their respected markets.


In his spare time, he helps his wife grow her own venture, the Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics club, which offers weekly events to kids and parents in the community.


Together, Gary DeWaard and his wife offer a range of activities that help kids build up physical talent, find new friends, destress, exercise and more. While the focus is on tumbling and gymnastics, the couple is mindful to include events for boys and girls of all ages as well as occasional events for their parents.


“The Funky Monkey Club isn’t restricted to one age level, and there’s always something fun going on for parents and kids to participate in,” says Gary DeWaard. “Everybody in the community is welcomed out to join in some way or another, and it’s a great way for everyone to get to know the people in their city better.”


The Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics Club are located in Forest City, Iowa where Gary DeWaard and his family reside. Within the club, he and his wife offer tumbling classes, gymnastics classes, private lessons from qualified trainers, cheer tumbling classes, skill clinics, movie nights, an open gym and more.


Online calendars through social media allow community members to check in and see what upcoming events are planned, which is especially helpful since space is often limited to reservations. Besides hosting gymnastic meets, karate classes, one on one training and other club events, Gary DeWaard and his wife also host community movie nights that are geared towards everyone aged five and up.

During these movie nights, families gather with pillows and blankets they’ve brought and watched a movie that’s projected on the gymnasium wall. Kids mingle with old friends or make new ones while Gary and his wife provide snacks, popcorn, and water. In addition, the gym is available for rent whenever families decide to host their own private or community event.


“The Funky Monkey is unlike any other gym or activities club in the Forest City area,” says Gary DeWaard. “What we offer is a variety of ways for people to connect with one another, whether you’re a longtime resident or have recently moved to the area. There’s something here for everyone.”