Gary DeWaard Spends Free Time Supporting the Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics Club

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Gary DeWaard Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics Club Gary DeWaard Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics Club
Gary DeWaard

Entrepreneur Gary DeWaard divides up his time between a handful of professional endeavors, passion projects in the entertainment industry, and supporting his family’s gym. Assisting his wife with her tumbling and gymnastics club, DeWaard serves many extracurricular roles to help Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics succeed.

Gary DeWaard is an experienced entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in sales and marketing. In his career, he has helped early companies find a footing in their industries and helped late stage companies develop successful marketing plans and campaigns. As a fan of the entertainment industry, Gary DeWaard spends a lot of his free time dedicated to passion projects such as producing music videos and short films. However, he’s careful to dedicate much of his time to his family and supporting his wife’s Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics club.

Located in Forest City, Iowa, the Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics club brings together kids in the community to improve their performance and create an inviting, safe place to have fun. In all, the facility offers tumbling and gymnastics classes, private lessons from qualified trainers, cheer tumbling classes, skill clinics, movie nights, an open gym and more.

“I’m very proud of what my wife has been able to put together in the Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics club,” says Gary DeWaard. “It’s a pretty extensive club with lots of activities for kids and their families to participate in.”

Through the club, Gary DeWaard and his wife are able to support their local community and create lasting memories with families from across the city. Their four kids are regular attendees and participants in the club’s various activities, and Gary spends a lot of time supporting them.

“I am the volunteer that drives the kids to their meets,” says Gary DeWaard. “I also setup any equipment at these events, serve as an extra pair of hands, and always cheer on the kids.”

The activities keep him busy as they take place frequently throughout each month. Parents and families rent out the space for their own parties and events, and the open gym is available nearly every night. In addition, the Funky Monkey Tumbling and Gymnastics club hosts regular movie nights which cater to boys and girls in Kindergarten and up. During movie nights, kids get to play around in the gym, meet new and old friends, and watch a movie being projected onto the large gymnasium wall. Gary DeWaard and his wife advise families to bring pillows and blankets to make themselves more comfortable during the screening, but provide snacks, popcorn, and water to the kids and their families.

“We have a great time at the Funky Monkey and hope that our efforts give the kids in our communities and their families something to look forward to regularly,” says Gary DeWaard.