Gary DeWaard Talks the Success of Andrés Muschietti’s It: Chapter 2

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Gary DeWaard Gary DeWaard

Film fanatic Gary DeWaard stays up-to-date with trending Hollywood news and keeps his online readers well-informed of exciting and upcoming releases. Below, he reports on the landmark success director Andrés Muschietti achieved through his remake of It, and the recent success of its sequel, in theaters now.

The original miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s It connected television audiences with the infamous killer clown Pennywise during a three-hour production in 1990. While film aficionado Gary DeWaard has a soft spot for the original production, he marvels at how Andrés Muschietti successfully shared the horrific tale of Pennywise with an international audience and broadcasted Stephen King’s story like never before.

“The two films from Andrés Muschietti have already grossed more than a billion dollars between them, and the sequel is still in theaters,” says Gary DeWaard. “While he was given a much bigger budget than most horror films get––something like a hundred million dollars for both movies––the success of these films have exceeded even some Marvel films. I think the wide appeal comes mainly from Muschietti’s artsy, creative stylings.”

In the original miniseries featuring Tim Curry as the infamous clown, the practical effects were minimal, which helped capture an element of reality for the viewer. In the Muschietti films, however, the large budget made way for an epic spectacle for the eyes that’s full of abstract imagery and intense color.

“I think it’s safe to say Muschietti took the wide success of the first film and justified an even more grand depiction of the events in It: Chapter Two,” says Gary DeWaard. “The sequel looks like something on par with a Peter Jackson film and flexes all the high-quality computer graphics the budget could afford.”

Andrés Muschietti took the themes of nightmares and dreamlike elements to heart and delivered a truly unique experience for theater audiences. In addition to the abstract visuals and horrific monster effects, he invested a chunk of his budget into massive and detailed sets that transformed the small-town vibe of the original film into an epic otherworldly adventure.

In It: Chapter 2, the Losers return to their home town to battle the returned evil clown and face all the new terrors it creates for them. They venture deep into his home in the sewers and encounter its alien origins with plenty of trippy supporting visuals throughout.

“It’s a powerful film that ranges in effect from drama and romance to comedy and adventure in addition to all the expected horror,” Gary DeWaard says. “It’s a fun ride for audiences, and the nearly three-hour runtime is buried in an exciting tale with lots of highs and lows to keep audience members on the edge of their seats.”

It: Chapter 2 premiered at the beginning of September and has already amassed more than $400 million.