Gasper Guarrasi Explains Work of Storm Water Systems

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Entrepreneur and CEO Gasper Guarrasi reveals more about the work of California’s Storm Water Systems.

Gasper Guarrasi

Storm Water Systems CEO and serial entrepreneur Gasper Guarrasi explains more about the Californian environmental services firm’s work as the company announces free site evaluations for clients in industries ranging from chemical manufacturing and scrap recycling to freight transportation and food preparation.

“As California’s leading provider of advanced best management practices for storm water compliance and management, we’re able to help clients write their legally required action plans, and then implement them,” explains Gasper Guarrasi, CEO of the environmental firm, headquartered in the Los Angeles County city of Carson. In addition, Storm Water Systems today has a further, second office in Hayward, Alameda County, tailored to promptly serving clients in more northern parts of California.

Gasper Guarrasi is also CEO of Frog Environmental. Frog Environmental provides supplemental trusted consulting advice to over 1,000 clients across California, primarily surrounding storm water compliance. A serial entrepreneur and dedicated humanitarian, Guarrasi has long enjoyed a fast-paced, competitive lifestyle with his persistent focus, drive, and creativity to thank for many of his professional achievements, including as president of a $100 million company.

Turning focus back to Storm Water Systems, Guarrasi explains how the business is able to leverage the expertise of more than 20 qualified industrial storm water practitioners. These qualified individuals, he says, can help clients to improve compliance with federally required storm water regulations in California for storm water associated with industrial activities discharging into the waterways of the United States.

They’re also able to provide a high degree of technical knowledge and industry-leading environmental experience, according to Guarrasi. “Our qualified industrial storm water practitioners ensure that clients’ storm water needs are fully covered,” he adds.

Boasting the very best technology available, Storm Water Systems offers consulting services, engineering services, maintenance services, and more. The company’s consulting services include facility evaluations, as well as level 1 and level 2 reports.

Engineering services, meanwhile, cover the implementation of best management practice solutions while the company’s maintenance team is on hand for preseason commissioning, qualifying rain event visits, postseason decommissioning, and the ongoing training of clients’ personnel.

“Furthermore, to help new clients get started,” adds Guarrasi, wrapping up, “we’re extremely proud, at Storm Water Systems, to now offer complimentary site evaluations to companies, businesses, and other organizations in more than 40 industries across California.”