Gasper Guarrasi offers a closer look at his support for the protection of the planet and environment

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Gasper Guarrasi protection of the planet and environment Gasper Guarrasi protection of the planet and environment
Gasper Guarrasi

Environmentalist and entrepreneur Gasper Guarrasi shares an exclusive insight into his ongoing commitment to, and support of, global environmental protection.

A focus on protecting the natural environment, environmental protection is a practice carried out by individuals, organizations, and governments around the world in an effort to conserve natural resources and, where possible, repair existing harm, while also reversing currently damaging environmental trends. A proud environmentalist and humanitarian committed to the protection of the planet and environment, lifestyle business visionary and entrepreneur Gasper Guarrasiexplains more about his ongoing support for international environmental protection efforts, as well as initiatives and associated global movements focused on the cause.

“As an environmentalist, I’m driven to innovate and to employ my entrepreneurial know-how to support the protection of the natural environment and to make the world a better place,” explains Gasper Guarrasi, a serial entrepreneur based in Long Beach, California.

The man behind Frog Environmental, Guarrasi is responsible for one of America’s largest environmental firms in the field of stormwater pollution prevention and compliance. Both Guarrasi personally, and the company itself, have been highly active in supporting the cleaning of the environment, both in California and across the United States, as well as overseas.

“From an environmental perspective, something which I’m particularly enthusiastic about is making changes to improve natural water quality across the board,” suggests Guarrasi, “both for humans and for the planet’s incredible wildlife, too.”

Entrepreneur Gasper Guarrasi is keen to promote the work of organizations such as Conservation International, Friends of the Earth, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Pure Earth, the Earth Day Network, the National Wildlife Federation, the Wetlands Initiative, and Seacology, in addition to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Ocean Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Guarrasi is also a keen proponent of action and advocacy, national park funds, and both land and water-focused environmental charities and initiatives more generally.

Other charities, organizations, and good causes supported by the entrepreneur include the Haitian Disaster Relief Fund, the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, Millers Children’s Hospital, the Special Olympics, The Art Of Living Global, the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services, the National Partnership for Women and Families, and March of Dimes.

Gasper Guarrasi is a respected environmentalist, humanitarian, and serial entrepreneur from Long Beach, California. A frequent and generous supporter of charities including Doctors Without Borders, the American Red Cross, and Save the Children, the lifestyle business visionary has also partnered with famous fellow humanitarians including Misty May, Paula Abdul, and Dr. Oz on a series of revolutionary, well-being-focused products and services. Founder, CEO, and creator of G2 Lifestyles and founder and former CEO of TRAINERbrands, Guarrasi has long enjoyed a fast-paced, competitive lifestyle, including as the president of a $100 million company.