George Portes Helps Disadvantaged Kids as a Longtime CASA Member and Volunteer

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George Portes CASA Member and Volunteer George Portes CASA Member and Volunteer

George Portes

George Portes is a highly-experienced Senior Event Manager with numerous awards and credentials for his dedicated work. In his spare time, Mr. Portes is a member and frequent volunteer of the CASA for Children organization, which makes a lasting positive impact on kids who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Beyond receiving awards such as the Best Easter Region Event Management of
the Year, George Portes is admired for his volunteer work with organizations like Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA).

“I am a CASA member, and I’ve worked as a regular volunteer with the organization for the last 8 years,” says George Portes. “I work on special cases to assist disadvantaged kids in my county, helping them grow and receive the support they need.”

Volunteering is a major focus for George Portes as he believes it not only strengthens society and his local community but also humbles and encourages him to be more positive in his day-to-day life. Working with CASA, he can give children who have experienced abuse or neglect a hope for a brighter future.

CASA volunteers like George Portes are appointed by a judge in their county to serve as an advocate for a child’s best interest in court. Through observation, suggestion, and genuine care, they help judges develop a clearer picture of each child’s life. In this way, they help ensure that judges end up making a well-informed decision for every child’s case that is best suited to their individual needs.

“The kids that CASA volunteers are paired up with have undergone significant trauma which is being resolved in court,” says George Portes. “Often, this means their removal from parental custody and placement in alternative care. Volunteers with CASA advocate for the best outcome in court depending on each child’s specific needs.”

After being appointed by a judge to a case, volunteers remain involved until it is resolved and the child is placed in a safe, permanent home. Volunteers work with kids of all ages, from toddlers and newborns to teenagers. George Portes and others like him partner with legal and child welfare professionals, service providers, and educators to create a solid understanding of each child’s standpoint. From there, they provide judges with the information required to make well-informed decisions about their future.

Through CASA, volunteers help secure the best interest of each child by sticking to a guiding principle which states that children grow and develop best with their family of origin if it can be safely achieved. Many of the kids they encounter are in foster care, and most who leave foster care do so to return to their original families.

“As volunteers to CASA, we make a tremendous difference in the lives of disadvantaged kids whether they immediately understand it or not,” says George Portes. “Our work ensures that each of these neglected or abused children have just as much a chance of success and happiness as anyone.”