George Portes Shares Top Industry Tips for Hiring Event Staff

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George Portes Top Industry Tips for Hiring Event Staff George Portes Top Industry Tips for Hiring Event Staff

George PortesGeorge Portes serves as a Senior Event Manager in Gaithersburg, MD and has won a range of awards for his outstanding service and dedication to clients. Below, he shares a few insider tips for hiring event staff that will guarantee only the best and most qualified candidates make it onto the team.

For years, George Portes has been recognized for superior event coordination, including responsible staff management and the ability to hire only the most qualified event staff. He’s received the award for Best Easter Region Event Management of the Year and has consistently delivered a satisfactory experience for clients that exceed their expectations.

George Portes is highly-knowledgeable about the event industry and has learned over the years which qualities make for the most appropriate staff. He shares four insider tips below for hiring event staff that can be relied on to deliver quality performance.

Consider Event Needs

To begin, George Portes suggests that every event hiring manager should consider the needs of the event first and foremost. Many inexperienced professionals misjudge the size and scope of the staff needed for an event and either underperform or hire an unnecessary amount of staff who linger around and make the company look bad. This is why managers must interview their clients thoroughly and discuss as many event details as they can before they create the first job posting or invite in the first candidate for an interview.

Begin Searching as Early as Possible

As soon as they have an understanding of the scope of the event, George Portes suggests hiring managers to create a pitch or start asking around for qualified staff. Even if an event is weeks out, it’s better to go ahead and get the ball rolling on which staff will appear at an event. In addition, interviewing leads ahead of time will allow hiring managers to assemble a list of backup candidates in case the others drop out for any reason ahead of the event.

Know Your Budget

The budget can ultimately determine all your hiring needs. Understanding how much money you have to hire staff–combined with a proper understanding of the expectations and event needs–will make the entire hiring process a lot simpler. However, hiring managers should be aware that they will more often than not get exactly what they pay for (so no cutting corners).

Find a Good Match for the Team

Event staff will be working as a single unit at a busy, often chaotic event. It’s imperative that as managers pick out single team members they take into account how they will affect the other members on the team. In this way, managers should hire individuals with the mindset of matching each potential candidate appropriately with the rest of the existing team.

“Hiring event staff is like finding a great crew for your ship,” says George Portes. “They all have to work together as a team to keep the ship afloat while performing various individual duties that move the ship forward.”