Gerry Cauley Discusses New Project with California CCAs

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Gerry Cauley Discusses New Project with California CCAs Gerry Cauley Discusses New Project with California CCAs

As Consulting Director of the Strategy and Planning Practice at Siemens Energy Business Advisory, Gerry Cauley focuses on insightful strategy and expert forecasting and analysis to help entities choose among emerging technologies, including renewables, battery storage, distributed resources, and other customer programs. Gerry Cauley is excited to be surrounded by one of the leading consulting teams in the energy industry at providing integrated planning services, combining resource, transmission, distribution, and customer program planning. His team provides expert forecasting and quantitative analysis to compare investment options to enable an energy company to achieve its reliability, resilience, and sustainability objectives in a cost-effective manner.

In his role, Gerry Cauley has collaborated and integrated many different programs at Siemens. Some of the collaborations include the NERC compliance program for generator owners and operators, an integrated plan focused on grid resilience, and discussion of emerging trends at the IEI CEO Roundtable. Recently he has begun working with California CCAs on a new project. “I am leading a new project for achieving renewable and greenhouse gas (carbon) targets for a group of Community Choice Aggregators in California,” Gerry says.

What is Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)?
The purpose of Community Choice Aggregation California is to help communities join together and purchase electricity for all of the members of those communities. Local governments are in charge of administering these programs. CCA programs provide the community with competitive alternatives for energy, often focused on cost savings and renewable and carbon-free energy. Each CCA has options to self-provide renewable energy for its customers or procure clean energy through contracts or in the market. Customers are the ones who benefit most from these programs, saving on their electric bills and selecting among program options for clean energy
across California.

Siemens Collaboration with CCAs
Gerry Cauley and his team are currently engaged with a group of CCAs to develop 20-year resource plans to be filed with the state commission. With expert forecasts of load, technology pricing, and penetration of customer programs, his team is able to advise the CCAs in developing a model of their future systems and simulate various portfolio options while considering risk in an uncertain future. talks about his plans to roll out a new program with CCA. This work helps the CCAs choose energy strategies to provide their customers with low-cost clean energy that meets state requirements over a twenty-year planning horizon.

Gerry Cauley explains that in many ways, the work in California with the CCAs is helping to transform how integrated planning is performed in the future, to include resource, transmission and distribution planning, all integrated with customer programs. Gerry Cauley mentions he is very excited to be with a team at the forefront of change in energy technology adoption and new approaches to strategy and integrated planning.