Gerry Cauley Joins Siemens Energy Business Advisory in Fairfax, VA

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Gerry Cauley Siemens Energy Business Advisory Gerry Cauley Siemens Energy Business Advisory
Gerry CauleyGerry Cauley is a Principal Consultant in the Pace Global – Energy Business Advisory group within Siemens. Recently, he was named Head of the Strategy and Planning Practice.
His work is focused on the integration of emerging technologies, including renewables, distributed energy resources, and digital technologies.
Advising energy companies on mitigation of extreme risk events, resilience, and cybersecurity, Mr. Cauley also provides expertise on emerging regulatory and compliance issues.

Siemens Energy Business Advisory partners with organizations to help them achieve energy transition and leverage the opportunities that digitalization provides. Their goal is to create sustainable value for businesses and society.


Siemens Energy Business Advisory helps organizations select strategies to manage risk, evaluate asset transactions, and integrate digital solutions and renewable energy into the grid.

Mr. Cauley has 38 years of industry experience. Before joining Siemens, Mr. Cauley served in Guyana, South America, as part of a consulting group from Manitoba Hydro International, advising the CEO and executive team of the national utility, Guyana Power and Light.


Mr. Cauley focused on upgrades to the system control center, distribution feeder outage performance improvements, plans to integrate utility-scale solar facilities and resource expansion through the negotiation of power purchase agreements.

Mr. Cauley’s proficiency includes consulting for utilities in the areas of power system operations and planning, substation operations, system protection, power plant operations, and nuclear operations and safety.


While at EPRI, Mr. Cauley led the development of advanced energy management system applications, including an advanced training simulator, transient and dynamic stability analysis tools, heuristic load forecasting, and system restoration tools.


He led the industry-wide effort to create FERC’s open access transmission reservation system (OASIS) and associated business practices, as well as NERC’s energy interchange transaction tools, such as tagging systems and congestion management programs.

As CEO at SERC and NERC, Mr. Cauley led numerous regional and industry-wide initiatives. He was the project manager of NERC’s application to become the Electric Reliability Organization.


Gerry Cauley developed the initial set of operations and planning reliability standards for FERC approval and modified the standards process to allow effective adaptation and improvement of the standards. He envisioned and created a North American-wide compliance and regulatory regime focused on risk management and continuous reliability improvement through effective internal controls.


Gerry Cauley advised senior decision-makers across industry and government regarding strategies to maintain adequate and reliable power systems in near and long-term horizons. As CEO, Mr. Cauley was also a recognized leader in the mitigation of cyber and physical security risks and led numerous resilience and emergency response initiatives.

He looks forward to utilizing his wealth of knowledge, hands-on experience, and resourceful problem-solving expertise in his role with Siemens Energy Business Advisory as Head of Strategy and Planning Practice.