Get Perfect Beach Waves with Help from Wendy Cooper Ellerbe

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Wendy Cooper Ellerbe Wendy Cooper Ellerbe

Professional stylist, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe, gives advice on creating one of the most popular hair trends this summer!

There’s nothing quite like taking a dip in the ocean on a warm summer day. After spending time outside in the salt and sunshine, hair has a way of drying in beautiful beachy waves. Unfortunately, for most of us, going to the beach every day is not possible. However, professional stylist, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe, knows the secret to getting textured beachy waves at home.

Over the years, hair trends have evolved from tight, formal curls into today’s more relaxed, natural look. The beachy hair trend specifically came about after the balayage coloring trend took off. Beachy waves amplify the beautiful colors and dimensions created by balayage, making the style pop. Very rarely do hair color trends also dictate style trends at the same time. However, balayage and beach waves are a match made in heaven.

No matter what kind of hair you have, beach waves can be possible with the proper styling techniques. Even fine, limp hair can hold a curl if you use the right products. Wendy Cooper Ellerbe explains how you can make it work for your specific hair type.

Fine Hair:

After you take a shower, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe recommends spraying a heat protectant primer on your hair to protect it from styling tools. Next, add volumizing spray mousse to still-damp hair to give it some added body and lift. Dry your hair carefully, being careful not to stretch out the stands, which can make it difficult for your hair to hold curls. Wendy Cooper Ellerbe suggests using your fingers to move and untangle hair while blow-drying gently. Finally, add beachy waves throughout with a flatiron or wand.

Thick and Curly Hair:

Thick or curly hair types will also start the process by using a primer and mousse. When it comes time to blow dry, however, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe recommends smoothing the hair to reduce frizz. Slightly relax the curls when blow-drying before using a flatiron or wand to add beachy waves and texture.

Coiled Curly Hair:

Again, primer and mousse are essential when it comes to creating perfect beachy waves. After you add the products evenly throughout your hair, smooth out coiled hair as much as possible during the blow-dry process. Instead of using a flatiron or wand to create waves, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe recommends trying a curling iron. The tighter your natural curl, the bigger barrel iron you’ll want to use.

Finally, it’s time to add the finishing touches! Once your hair has cooled down, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe suggests using a dry texturizing spray to lock in the look. This is the trick to having texturized hair that gives the appearance of natural beachy waves.

About Wendy Cooper Ellerbe:

As a native Floridian from Orlando, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe successfully charms the Beauty Business. She received a Cosmetology License in 1986 and has since had an ongoing affair with “creating” beautiful hairstyles for clients of all ages. Located specifically in Ocoee, Florida, Wendy Cooper Ellerbe hangs her many shears at the Shaggy She’k Studio Salon. She always stays up to date on the latest trends and best practices to encourage her clients for many years to come.