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Influential lobbyist, Craig Schoenfeld, is making a difference to the residents of Iowa.

Grassroots activism has been a vital part of the United States democratic process for centuries. Craig Schoenfeld has risen to become one of the top lobbyists in Iowa. He has worked as a lobbyist, political strategist, press spokesman, and campaigns operations manager for many high profile clients. Craig Schoenfeld’s popularity as a multi-state grassroots organizer has grown tremendously throughout his career. Grassroots movements use collective action from the local level to effect change with political or economic movements.

Craig Schoenfeld is now the president of CR3 Connect, one of Iowa’s leading strategic advisory lobby firms. CR3 Connect specializes in designing and implementing action plans to provide remarkable solutions for complex problems in media relations, public strategy, crisis communications, strategic communications, government affairs, grassroots organizing, and more.

One primary focus of grassroots advocacy programs is to put specific people at the forefront of political discussions that directly impact their lives. This could be a group of employees from a company, residents from a community, or environmentalists seeking a change. Everyday citizens can be heard and considered through grassroots advocacy.

When people can more easily engage with elected officials, legislators receive more information on proposed policy initiatives that they otherwise would know little about. Organizations who take advantage of lobbyists like Craig Schoenfeld, can effectively influence policy and possibly mold the future of their entire industry.

People who work in grassroots movements are typically those who understand the issues surrounding policy initiatives. They care about the local community and those that are most affected by the problems that initiate policy change. Craig Schoenfeld uses his 20 plus years of political experience to effectively establish grassroots advocacy groups in Iowa and educate citizens on complicated legislative processes.

More attention is being drawn to the grassroots approach in political activism. Grassroots approaches consist of small donor fundraising, social media posts, protests, online groups, text messages, phone calls, and rallies. These movements influence community engagement in politics through bottom-up decision making. By using a bottom-up decision-making approach, grassroots organizations and communities to have a voice without relying on large donor funding, which can sometimes be unethical.

Craig Schoenfeld also serves as the executive director for Iowa Growth Project. In this role, Craig Schoenfeld is able to make a positive impact for Iowa residents. the Iowa Growth Project is utilizing its grassroots mobilization efforts to educate state leaders and engage civic participation on the importance of maintaining the state’s physical infrastructure, retaining and attracting businesses through a competitive tax structure, and to serve as a leader for other states to improve in education, technology, and environment-friendly business practices.