Gregory Michael Steinberg Talks About New Philosophy in Volunteerism

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Gregory Michael Steinberg Gregory Michael Steinberg

Gregory Michael Steinberg of Austin, Texas, believes in the philosophy that helping others also causes us to help ourselves. He says he has always held a long-time belief that leaders should serve the group they represent instead of the group serving the leader. He explains this approach is called servant leadership, and it helps us to do our part to heal the world, one person at a time.

Gregory Michael Steinberg
Gregory Michael Steinberg

By promoting this method of volunteering and performing his own volunteer services within his community, Gregory believes it’s one of the reasons for his many successes. “Servant leadership,” he explains, “allows the volunteer members to empower their own personal growth and enables the organization to prosper since the members are more committed and more engaged to the mission.”

Although the idea is not new to him, Gregory, said many of his ideas for volunteering through this approach came from the book, Leading the Way to Successful Volunteer Involvement: Practical tools for Busy Executives, written by Betty Stallings and Susan Ellis. “This book is really an invaluable tool for me in creating a serving mindset,” he states.

For his own volunteer activities, Gregory Michael Steinberg of Austin, Texas puts his money where his mouth is. One of his first volunteer efforts was in Austin, Texas, with Shoal Creek Conservancy. SCC takes care of the Shoal Creek watershed, a natural feature of the city’s landscape. This conservancy encompasses 13-square miles and is comprised of land in which all rain eventually finds its way into Shoal Creek itself, an 11-mile waterway that runs through the heart of Austin. “It’s a massive never-ending project,” Gregory says. Part of the work that comes with a project this size includes hands-on, physical labor, such as trash pick-up, seed planting, and weeding out invasive species that could threaten the wildlife. “It’s brutal work,” he said with a smile, “but it keeps me in shape.”

Other volunteer work in which Gregory Michael Steinberg of Austin Texas, has participated includes food pantries at the Florida Food Bank and the Texas Food Bank. “I love to help with this type of project,” he says candidly. The work here includes a wide variety of things, he explains, some of which is preparing the donated food, distributing the food to the local pantries, and working in the kitchen and garden. “It’s definitely somewhere you’ll never get bored.”

As to the reason Gregory Michael Steinberg is so committed to volunteering, he says, “Volunteering allows us to empower ourselves while helping others. It’s truly the catalyst that helps us change the world.” He says volunteering allows us to look outside ourselves and do what we can to make the world a better place for us and for future generations.

Gregory Michael Steinberg is a certified program architect and consultant who works with several high-profile clients. He loves helping businesses grow and embrace today’s new digital economy by creating better website user experiences with optimized performances, reduced business operational costs, improved corporate compliance, and better overall productivity. He has 2 master’s degrees, one being an MBA from Fordham University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Lehigh University.