Gregory Reid and BoomDeYada Explore the Benefits of a Communications Audit

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Gregory Reid and BoomDeYada Explore the Benefits of a Communications Audit


Incorporated in Kansas by founder Gregory Reid, BoomDeYada-LLC offers a wide range of services including go-to-market business strategy planning, core ideology development, and organizational change. First, as a foundational basis for go-to-market planning, BoomDeYada-LLC services include communications auditing. “Words matter and how you position and deliver your key messages can be the key to success,” explains Reid.

He continues, “Our team will conduct a communications audit of the messaging across all communications channels, vehicles and tactics being engaged to reach an organization’s key audiences both internally and externally. The goal is to improve clarity and effectiveness for improved business results.”

A comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s ability to deliver and receive information, a communications audit is designed to reveal strengths and weaknesses in these critical areas. “At Boomdeyada-LLC, a communications audit covers both internal and external communications with the marketplace. Other key groups including the news media and the investor community,” stated Reid.




In addition, the BoomDeYada-LLC process can also address communications between the organization and industry legislative bodies and regulators.

“The objective, broadly speaking,” Gregory Reid explains. “Is to improve communications going forward by developing and implementing a strategic communications plan. BoomDeYada-LLC has developed a series of specific actions that help to address where gaps exist in communications and what are the best approaches to bridge those gaps.”

During a communications audit undertaken by Boomdeyada-LLC, Gregory Reid and his team will also assess a company’s communications effectiveness when contrasted with key marketplace competitors.

Explaining the process in more detail, Reid reveals that Boomdeyada-LLC’s approach typically involves a series of steps. This includes initially determining the collection and evaluation of past communications. Then the development of key insights, identification of the current communications landscape, a SWOT Analysis for future communications. Furthermore, Reid, however, indicates that all activities are by design and always individually tailored to a client’s specific goals and objectives.

“At Boomdeyada-LLC, we’re passionate and enthusiastic about everything we do. However, we specialize in brand development on behalf of our clients. Priding themselves with excitement, passion, and enthusiasm, not just in business, but in life. It’s what we call the BoomDeYada-LLC Principle.”

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