Gregory Tobichuk Highlights 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

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Gregory Tobichuk Gregory Tobichuk

Licensed plumber, Gregory Tobichuk explains three critical questions consumers should ask prior to hiring a plumber.

For consumers, finding a reliable, trustworthy plumber can be a daunting and difficult task. While there may be no shortage of options – thanks to Google and search engines alike – consumers often struggle sifting through the choices to find suitable plumbing professionals. With years of plumbing experience, Gregory Tobichuk of Mansfield, Massachusetts explains a few of the key questions consumers should ask prior to hiring a plumber.

Gregory Tobichuk begins with the most important question, “The first question consumers should ask a plumber is whether they are licensed. The homeowner should also ask to see proof. It’s far too easy for anyone to grab a plunger, utility belt, and slap a sign on a white van that says Gregory Tobichuk Plumbing.”

It’s important for homeowners to know licensure is much more than a title – it signifies work of higher quality. The expert continues “When a plumber is licensed it means they have registered with the respective agencies at the local or state level. Licensure signifies the plumber has taken the time to go through the proper procedures.” Homeowners can always check to understand the licensure rules for their respective areas.

Gregory Tobichuk explains what regularly happens when homeowners hire unlicensed plumbers “If a homeowner hires a plumber who isn’t licensed, their work may not be up to par and may not pass inspection. And if this happens, the homeowner has very little recourse because they chose to hire them – in spite of the plumber not being licensed.” Gary Tobichuk of Mansfield Massachusetts asserts homeowners should always start with a plumber’s license.

The second question a homeowner should always ask is regarding payment expectations. Gregory Tobichuk suggests individuals should be concerned – if not alarmed – when a plumber wants 100% of the money upfront before the job starts. While it’s completely acceptable for a plumber to require payment when certain milestones are met, homeowners should never shell out 100% of the cash before work begins. Another common method of payment is the hourly or time system. Gregory Tobichuk adds that “this method could result in the homeowner paying too much for too little – if the plumber works slowly.”

The third question that should be asked before hiring a plumber revolves around workmanship Gregory Tobichuk explains that “any reputable plumber should stand behind their work with some type of warranty or guarantee.” However, homeowners shouldn’t just take the plumber’s word. Instead, Gregory Tobichuk explains “it’s best to have any type of warranty or guarantee in writing.” He adds, “it’s also important the plumber is insured and bonded” to protect the homeowner from mishaps.