Breaks Down the Top Selling Firearms of 2019

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Georgia based is the world’s largest online marketplace for firearms, ammo, and accessories., powered by data, publishes a report of the top-selling firearms every month.

As the leading marketplace, promotes responsible ownership of guns and firearms. Aside from merchandise bearing its logo, sells none of the items listed on its website. Third-party sellers list items on the site, and Federal and state laws govern the sale of firearms and other restricted items. is more than an auction site; the website publishes instructional articles to educate and inform potential customers of the pros and cons of each firearm or accessory. The site also has a moderated self-hosted forum to allow users and customers to communicate with each other on which types are popular for hunting, recreation, or protection., using data, publishes an in-depth list every month and year of the top-selling guns.

Semi-Automatic Rifles: The number one top-selling semi-automatic rifle is the Ruger AR-556. A semi-automatic, M4-style modern Sporting rifle. The AR-556 is popular due to its reliability and the variety of customization options available to users, all while remaining affordable. The popularity of this item has risen steadily in recent years.

Bolt Action Rifles: Boasting an American made affordable rifle, the Ruger American precision rifle leads the pack in sales for this type of firearm. The ease of use makes it a popular gun with hunters for its ability to hunt both vermin and large animals alike.

Lever Action Rifles: “Until you’ve held and shot a Marlin 1895 Lever Action Rifle, you don’t know what lever-action rifles can be.” Says The Marlin 1895 Lever Action rifle is most popular with recreational users or personal defense.

Semi-Automatic Pistol: With its lightweight and easy to conceal body, the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact charts at number one for the top-selling semi-automatic pistol for 2019. An easy to use and accurate firearm, the Sig Sauer P365, has earned the number one spot for the top-selling semi-automatic pistol of 2019.

Pump Action Rifles: Remington has been one of the most popular brands in America since its founding in 1816, so it should come as no surprise the top-selling pump action rifle is the Remington 7600. “Remington Arms today remains as one of the oldest continuously operating manufacturers in the United States and rifles like the Remington 7600 Pump Action Rifles are an example as to why Remington continues to gain the loyalty and respect of hunters, shooters and law enforcement/military alike.” Says

Side by Side Shotguns: A traditional avian hunting gun, the CZ-USA Bobwhite, sold more than any side by side shotgun in 2019. Useful for hunting pheasants, grouse, and quail, the CZ-USA Bobwhite remains a stable and robust arm that is popular with professional hunters and recreational users.

Pump Action Shotguns: A versatile and potent firearm, the Mossberg 590’s primary purpose is for protection or recreation. “The Mossberg 590 12 gauge is known for its reliable functioning and a choice of military and law enforcement, making it a great choice for a shotgun.” Says

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