Lists Requirements and Basics for Buying a Firearm Online

Avatar for Ebiz Editor is the leading online marketplace for firearms, ammo, and accessories. walks through the process of legally purchasing a firearm online.

“The very first thing to know is that that laws vary from city and state.” Says “While that may seem daunting to some people, has taken steps to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.” Firearms purchased online must be transferred to a holder of an FFL (Federal Firearms License). has a comprehensive network of Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers ensuring a smooth transaction for both buyer and seller.   So to buy a gun online, it must first be shipped to a holder of an FFL to be legally purchased. The FFL holder then finalizes the sale of the firearm with you in person and almost always charges a small transfer fee if the item is not in their common stock. “Finding the firearm you want on our website is secure, we offer set prices, auction listings, and Take a Shot offers, which lets buyers name their price. Once you purchase your firearm, it goes to the approved FFL holder.” Says

“The FFL holder will then have to fill out a form called a 4473,” continues. “This form collects the necessary information and ensures that the buyer is not prohibited from purchasing or carrying a firearm. This process is to keep the criminal element away from gun sales.” The vast majority of gun background checks only take a few minutes to process, with around only two percent resulting in a rejection. “The FFL contacts NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) usually online and gets back to the buyer as soon as possible,” says This system checks to make sure the buyer does not have flagged history that would prevent gun ownership. The background check system verifies criminal and mental history, unlawful immigration status, dishonorable discharge, or history of drug use, with felony convictions being the most common cause for denial from the background check. This process is instant in ninety percent of cases, but some checks that require more information can take up to ninety days. 

“Most states do not have a waiting period after the approval process”, says, “But if you live in a ‘wait state,’ then you will need to wait the designated amount of days to pick up your firearm. Otherwise, once you are approved, you go and pick up your firearm as if you purchased it in the store.” goes on to say, “Once you find the gun you want on our website, you can select which FFL you would wish to have it sent.” Many items on the website do not need to go through a separate broker. “Non-firearm items, such as air guns, knives, ammunition, antique guns that were built in 1898 or earlier firearm accessories, and some gun parts do not require transfer by a licensed dealer. ” Says 

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