reflects on its successful attendance at the Great American Outdoor Show

Avatar for Ebiz Editor, the world’s largest online marketplace for firearms, ammo, and accessories demoed its website at The Great American Outdoor Show from February 1st through February 9th.

Jay Zwitter, a representative for, explained that “The Great American Outdoor Show is an incredible opportunity for GunBroker to interact with our many loyal customers and meet many more outdoor enthusiasts.” The event, which lasted from February 1st through February 9th, is the largest consumer outdoor show in the world. This year marked the 7th annual outdoor show. Last year the event welcomed over 170,000 guests into its vast and spacious halls. The Great American Outdoor Show hosted over 1,100 exhibitors and had over thirty speakers with five special guests. Including educational seminars and concerts, the Great American Outdoor Show was full of different activities. “Being an online marketplace, we always jump at the opportunity to go out and meet with our consumers face to face. An event such as The Great American Outdoor Show allows us to get to know our consumers on a much more personal level.” Says Jay Zwitter of

The Great American Outdoor Show is not just a fun event for outdoor enthusiasts but a program that brings a lot of good and money back into the local community and economy. The show creates a more than $75 million economic impact on the surrounding community. It produces over 6,000 jobs annually and brings substantial income into the local lodging, restaurant, transportation industries, and many more markets. More than $240,000 goes back into local Pennsylvania organizations each year. The Great American Outdoor Show and its vendors, such as, ensure that the local community gets the aid it deserves. Jay Zwitter, who attended the show, says, “We are proud to take part in such a large event that puts so much back into the local community, and hope to be a part of it for many years to come.”

Representatives from the were located this year in the Shooting Sports Hall. The representatives and spokespeople answered any questions one may have had while also demoing their expansive and growing website. also handed out gifts every day during the show. Jay Zwitter from says, “With a large number of people attending the show, we knew we could do a good service teaching people how to browse the website.” Jay Zwitter goes on to say, “Occasionally new users can be intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of buying or selling a firearm online, but we were able to walk them through it, and everyone was surprised by just how simple it can be. We met a lot of long-time users and successfully introduced many hobbyists to our website.” touts a user-friendly and straightforward interface that allows seasoned experts or novices to buy or sell their firearm or accessories as smoothly as possible. “We also encouraged people to browse our forum so that they could interact with more enthusiasts like themselves and get any more specific questions answered.”