Teaches How to Shoot a Shotgun Safely and Correctly

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As the leading online marketplace, promotes responsible ownership of guns and firearms. routinely releases educational articles about gun ownership. 

With their team of knowledgeable staff and writers, gives their tips on how to use a shotgun properly. says that knowledge on how to handle a shotgun safely has faded due to the rise of other firearms in popularity.’s first and most important tip for proper handling of any firearm is “Treat all guns as if they are loaded. On a busy range day or even a stressful day at work, it can be difficult to remember that there still may be a round in the chamber. This is especially true for those picking up a gun they did not load and does not belong to them. If you assume the gun is always loaded, there will be no unfortunate surprises.” 

The most significant challenge potential hobbyists or hunters face with a shotgun is the recoil. says that the reason for the reputation of a lot of recoils is improper stance and grip. That if one has the proper posture and grip, they control the firearm, not the other way around. “Keep your feet shoulder-width apart with slightly bent knees. I would recommend squaring up with the target and leaning forward a little to mitigate recoil.” Says, “Do your best to stay square to the target as angling away from it will only slow your ability to get follow up shots quickly.” 

The type of ammunition you use can also assist in mitigating recoil. Some examples of ammo such as birdshot have lighter recoil and are more suited for novice shooters. This affordable ammunition lets you get accustomed to your gun, allowing you the practice you need to handle it safely. recommends you start with birdshot and slowly work your way to buckshot and finally ending with slugs, the highest recoil for this firearm. 

“There is a myth that you don’t need to aim a shotgun,” says, “The idea is that the shot pattern will be so wide and powerful that it will hit anything downrange. This myth isn’t the truth. The shot group leaving the gun will be packed very densely initially then spread open more as it flies away from the barrel.” The website recommends all shooters look down their sights while aiming a shotgun, to properly and safely use the gun. A common sight is a bead sight at the front with nothing on the rear. Many newer guns use a ghost ring in the front, which is looked through a peephole in the back. 

One of the essential tools to increase safety with a shotgun is practice. says that “The key is practice and exposure.” The website recommends doing dry runs and practicing running pumps to train the muscles needed to use the gun properly. says that there are many types of shotguns, and each buyer should look into how the gun handles before firing a loaded firearm. 

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