Walks Through the Process for Selling a Firearm Online

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From Kennesaw, GA, is the world’s largest online marketplace and auction site for firearms and accessories. The popular website breaks down the simple process for third-party sellers on how to sell firearms online. 

“Anyone who is legally allowed to own firearms, ammunition, knives, and gun accessories is allowed to sell on our website. However, it is your responsibility to comply with all Federal, state, and local laws when using this site,” says Gunshop owners are required to have a Federal Firearms License or FFL for short to sell their goods but to sell a firearm online; as a seller, you do not need this license. However, as a seller, you need to know and abide by local, state, and federal laws. Some states do not allow the private sale of firearms, and it is essential to be knowledgeable of your location before attempting to sell a gun on or any website. State laws vary; for example, the state of Connecticut, which requires an authorization number to finish a transaction.

The listing process for selling a gun follows similar rules to selling any other item with categories and filters to label your sale. moderators will remove any item posted in the wrong group. On, you can set price as an auction, a fixed value, or let the buyer set their price through ‘Take a Shot.’ The sale allows the seller to set a minimum amount that the item can sell for and enable buyers to bid for the firearm or accessory. An item with a fixed price only sells at the set price. The purchase is immediate. Fixed price items allow the seller to list multiple of the same item for sale at one time, in one listing. also offers “Take a Shot” where the buyer can make an offer on the item, and the seller can decide to accept or reject the offer. Individual listings can also be edited after they are posted, recommends adding pictures or additional information to your posting to draw extra attention.

Once a gun sale is complete, either through an instant fixed price or the date the auction ends, the seller must contact the buyer of the firearm. sends the seller the provided contact information of the buyer, “When communicating with a buyer, it is important to take note of their Federal Firearms License,” says, “All transactions should go through a holder of an FFL” recommends that all sellers obtain a copy of the dealer’s Federal Firearms License as soon as possible. Once payment has been made, and if necessary, you have received the FFL information, you can ship the item as you would any other online transaction. also provides a list of FFL approved dealers to make the selling process more manageable.

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