Harbortouch Discusses 3 Ways Technology Is Changing the Dining Industry

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Technology has revolutionized business, from cloud storage to mobile apps and AI-assisted admin to e-commerce. New tech solutions are constantly improving the experience for business owners and staff as well as consumers. The foodservice industry is no exception. However, as an industry, foodservice is comparatively slow to adopt new technologies compared to some of its counterparts. If you’re wondering how technology could improve your foodservice business, read Harbortouch’s insight below. 


How Technology Is Changing Foodservice 


  1. POS Systems 

Point of sale (POS) systems of today are lightyears ahead of the cash registers of yesteryear. These systems, which include hardware and software, are the backbone of any restaurant. POS systems can be used to do everything from taking and tracking orders to managing inventory and analyzing customer data.


  1. Mobile Ordering 

The future is mobile. Today’s consumers appreciate the convenience of having everything at the palm of their fingertips. Tableside ordering can benefit consumers as well as staff members, streamlining the ordering process for enhanced accuracy and quick turnaround time. 


Employees, for instance, can utilize tablets to take orders tableside and immediately transfer the request to the kitchen. There are also several options to integrate web-based or app-based ordering to your eatery if you are a fast-casual business.


  1. Online Ordering and Reservations

With online ordering growing 300% faster than dine-in spend, adding this additional revenue stream should be a no-brainer for any restaurant owner. Online ordering offers customers the ease and convenience of making their selection from anywhere. The customer saves time by not having to wait at the table or in line for their order to be completed. Likewise, online ordering and reservations can boost your team’s efficiency by allowing you to better plan ahead. Online ordering can also be paired with delivery options, which may be carried out in-house or in conjunction with services such as Uber Eats or Seamless. 



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