Harbortouch Examines Top 5 Trends of Independent Restaurants

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Harbortouch Examines Top Trends of Independent Restaurants Harbortouch Examines Top Trends of Independent Restaurants

Technology is revolutionizing the foodservice industry, from mobile ordering and delivery apps to tableside ordering. Although some of these new gadgets are passing fads, others are here to stay. Harbortouch, the nation’s leading point of sale (POS) system provider, has compiled five of the best technologies for independent restaurants. 

5 Best Tech Solutions for Restaurants

  1. Tableside Ordering – You may have noticed an increasing number of servers have ditched the pen and pad for electronic tablets. With tableside ordering technology, servers can take a customer’s order electronically and directly transmit it to the kitchen. This enhances accuracy and speed, which is beneficial for employees and diners alike. 
  2. Data Security – A number of serious data breaches have made the headlines recently. But the issue has been of widespread concern since the turn of the century. While you may not have a large budget for security, keep in mind preventing a security breach is typically much less expensive than mitigating a crisis. If customer data is compromised, it could not only cost you to lose patrons, but also result in heavy fines.  Remember, all businesses are required to meet Payment Card Industry’s mandatory Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Ask your POS provider for ways to be PCI compliant and keep you and your customers’ data safe.
  1. Cloud-based Technology – The cloud is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Cloud-based solutions provide cost-effective, secure data management, as well as the convenience of being able to access your information from anywhere with an Internet connection. 
  2. Mobile Payments – Mobile payments, including Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, provide an easy, fast way for customers to pay for their meals. By offering this payment option, you can enhance the customer experience by reducing wait times.
  3. Leveraging Data – Many POS systems provide ways to gain insight into customer behavior, including what menu items are popular (or not so popular) and what times of day are the busiest. These systems can also provide insight into staff performance, such as what servers are best at upselling, or who’s giving away too many free drinks. Furthermore, POS systems can provide customer loyalty programs, a great way to increase business and profit. 

More About Harbortouch 

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