Has Chad Tackett Found The Secret To Fixing Your Metabolism For Good?

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He created the world’s first online weight loss program, called Committed 100, and he’s currently making headlines again. Operating under the well-known belief that yo-yo dieting can ruin metabolic function and cause weight gain over time, Chad Tackett has created a program that allows people who want to lose weight to do so – for good.

Chad Tackett understands the delicate balance that needs to happen between seeing fast results to stay motivated and working with a plan that’s sustainable over time. Crazy workouts and fad diets are out, according to Chad Tackett. He keeps his small groups of clients focused and motivated by creating customized plans that make sense for their bodies and their goals.

The vast majority of people who attempt to lose weight either fail from the start or gain it back quickly, but this isn’t true for people who work with Chad Tackett. Clients of Chad Tackett have an incredible 87% success rate, making it clear that what he’s doing is working.

Clients who decide to work with Chad Tackett don’t just get a run of the mill, churned out, generic diet plan. His clients get one on one guidance to allow them to ask questions and get support when they feel that their motivation begins to waver. According to Chat Tackett, this creates the support network and accountability that clients need to see long-lasting results.

When clients sign up for a getting started call, they’ll go over three different areas to ensure that they’re ready to take on the Committed 100 program. First, clients discuss their ultimate health and wellness goals. Next, they discuss what’s stopping them from meeting their goals right now, allowing Chad Tackett to devise a plan that will set them up for future success. Lastly, he talks with clients about how to get started with losing fat right away.

Chad Tackett understands that the metabolism is delicate, and if it’s been mistreated in the past, it can take some time to get it back on track. Committed 100’s simple, easy to follow meal and movement plans allow people to lose weight in a way that’s doable for them.

Chad emphasizes that even people who have tried to lose weight and failed or have lost weight only to gain it all back, can easily succeed on the Committed 100 plan. By going over roadblocks from the past with clients, the Committed 100 plan sets them up for long-term success.

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In the past 25 years since creating Committed 100, the world’s first online weight loss program, Chad Tackett has helped people in over 100 countries, of various ages, sizes, and backgrounds, achieve their health and fitness goals. He endeavors to help people make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives without giving up their favorite foods or suffering through boring workouts.

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