Health Advocate, Jorge Marquez, Talks About the Whole30 Diet and How It Combats Anti-Inflammatory Responses

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Jorge Plaza Marquez Whole Diet and How It Combats Anti Inflammatory Responses Jorge Plaza Marquez Whole Diet and How It Combats Anti Inflammatory Responses

Jorge Plaza Marquez is an amateur chef and health aficionado. He creates delicious nutrient-rich recipes to combat inflammatory responses in the body. Being a strong believer of healthy living, he often visits local and foreign markets in a bid to locate exotic spices and herbs that are a great twofer; healthy and flavorful!

Today, the chef talks about the Whole30 diet that has picked up immense traction recently. The Whole30 plan was created to recalibrate modern eating habits. It encourages people to cut out a lot of foods including soy, legumes, grains, dairy, alcohol, and added sugars for 30 days. The program also advises against “healthy” renditions of unhealthy foods like Paleo pancakes or zucchini muffins.

Just how effective is it? Jorge Plaza Marquez has this to say, “Like most elimination diets, the Whole30 advocates therapeutic eating protocols that have been encouraged for years. Trigger foods can result in low-level inflammations and imbalances in the body. What Whole30 strives to do is alleviate symptoms like digestion issues, joint pain, headaches and skin conditions that stem from food sensitivities.”

The chef goes on to explain that, by cutting out these trigger foods, we make room for anti-inflammatory foods like vegetables, fruits, and omega-3 fatty acids – so much the better!

He makes a great point. Research has shown that the consumption of inflammatory foods can even increase the risk of heart disorders, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Are there any pitfalls with this diet? The chef has an answer.

“It’s important to remember though,” Jorge Plaza Marquez points out, “that elimination diets are intended to be short-term. This is a great way to detect foods that trigger your issues. Such kinds of diets do tend to have many rules. This is why they are created to act as a diagnostic tool and not necessarily a long-term food plan.”

The chef continues, “When it comes to cutting out legumes long-term, it can be problematic. You see, these foods typically have a negligent negative impact on the body. In fact, legumes, being high in B-group vitamins, provide a daily dose of iron, calcium and phosphorous. Women, especially those of child-bearing age, will find that this also serves as a great source of folate.”

With Whole30, one of the biggest concerns that arise is how will the body receive its energy.

Jorge Marquez says, “At first, the body does feel sluggish not being able to pull energy from the usual sources – sugars and carbohydrates. However, in time, the leafy foods you have added in your meals will serve as super fuel – eliminating much of the soreness and giving you tons of energy that lasts throughout the day.”

Being the health advocate that he is, Jorge Plaza Marquez also points out another huge benefit – your hormones are well-regulated when on the Whole30. This means you fall asleep quicker, enjoy a restful reprieve and wake up on time!

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Jorge Marquez has created dozens of delicious recipes for people with specific dietary needs. Trying to incorporate as many anti-inflammatory foods into his creations, the chef has foraged local and foreign markets to source ingredients that are healthy and suit a number of palettes.

Whether he is poring over his kitchen counter making a delicious sofrito or using his talents to create a gluten-free berry tartlet, Jorge admits that his ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.