Here’s What You Should Research When Choosing Your New Home Neighborhood, According to Bryan Nazor

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Bryan Nazor Choosing Your New Home Neighborhood Bryan Nazor Choosing Your New Home Neighborhood

Title and Real Estate Closing Expert Bryan Nazor on How and What to Research When Buying a Home


Bryan Nazor

When choosing which new home to call your own, you should always first research information on the area you will be living in, said Bryan Nazor, a title, and real estate closing expert. This will guide your home-buying process and ensure you end up in not only a home that you love but also a neighborhood you are happy to stay in.


Homebuyers and sellers will find ImageAtlas, powered by GlobeExplorer, a valuable resource for accessing high-resolution aerial imagery from the web, advised Bryan Nazor. Using ImageAtlas, your real estate professional, builder or lender can provide you with detailed information and images extracted from searches by address.


Likewise, PropertyInfo from REIData provides extensive demographic information as it relates to specific properties, neighborhoods, school districts and counties.


When you are accessing these tools, what kind of information should you be looking at? “I recommend people look at five key elements first and foremost,” said Bryan Nazor. There are outlined below.


  1. Demographics

What will your community be like? Are they upper, middle or lower class? Are they in a similar stage of life as your family? Plenty of information about the demographics of an area is available online, so you can better understand the community you will be living and working in.  


  1. Property information

Online tools and records can give information on the value of a property and on its history, said Bryan Nazor. This can give you a clearer picture of the property, beyond just what it looks like, and it can be helpful to know its background.


  1. Counties

Take some time to learn about the counties in the area and the differences between them.


  1. School districts

If you have children, learn about the school districts you will be in and what your options for education are, whether private or public school. Look into the schools to find out how they are ranked and whether you feel your child will be a good fit.


  1. Neighborhood information

Get to know your neighbors! Find out the crime rate in your neighborhood and who you’ll be living next to and down the street from. “Go into buying a house with your eyes open and a clear picture of all aspects of the area you’ll be living in, so you don’t have any surprises down the road,” Bryan Nazor said.


Bryan Nazor is with Main Street Title & Settlement, which provides a complete range of title insurance and settlement services to a broad range of clientele. Main Street Title is one of the leading full-service title and settlement agencies in the New York tri-state area.