Homebuilder Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Focuses on Providing Quality Homes at an Affordable Price

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Homebuilder Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Focuses on Providing Quality Homes at an Affordable Price Homebuilder Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Focuses on Providing Quality Homes at an Affordable Price

Anyone shopping for a new, quality home in South Florida knows that the price is a major consideration. Finding the right combination of an ideal location, a desirable floor plan and all of the necessary amenities for modern living can lead to sticker shock.

Homebuilder Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes understands the dilemma buyers are confronted with. That’s why Hankin Homes focuses on providing quality homes at an affordable price.

In 2019, Hankin Homes completed five affordable new home construction projects in South Florida, which were praised by the homes’ buyers for their quality and value.

An Ivy League Approach to Affordable Homebuilding

Stuart Hankin may not have realized it at the time, but his college years during the mid-2000s at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. prepared him well for his role as the head of Hankin Homes.

An operations research and information engineering major who graduated from the Ivy League school in three years, Stuart Hankin learned many of the lessons he applies to homebuilding at Cornell. He says he learned his entrepreneurial spirit from his grandfather, Harry.

Stuart Hankin initially pursued business interests outside real estate, but when he relocated to Florida not long after college, he began to dabble in the profession by purchasing, fixing and reselling (or “flipping”) distressed properties throughout South Florida.

Stuart Hankin’s interest in real estate continued to grow, and in 2016, he began buying both residential and commercial tracts of South Florida land. Stuart Hankin’s vision was to develop the properties in a way that bolstered the communities and improved the quality of life while increasing ownership opportunities for middle- and low-income residents.

At the same time, Stuart Hankin spent three years studying and learning the most efficient methods to build new construction. Hankin learned that he could control costs by carefully sourcing materials and by forging working relationships with a variety of subcontractors.

Stuart Hankin also learned how wasted time is wasted money. He relied on his college training to inform himself about ways to improve efficiencies in his business, ultimately saving money for the buyers of Hankin Homes properties.

Hankin Homes Brings Affordability to South Florida Residential Housing

In 2019, after radically refining the homebuilding process to produce affordable residences to the South Florida residential housing market, the newly-formed Hankin Homes completed its first five homes, including a unique five-bedroom floor plan in Riviera Beach, Fla., intended for extended or multi-generational families living under one roof.

Not only the buyers, but real estate industry peers also raved about the quality of the new homes that Hankins Homes debuted in 2019, especially noting their sustainability and design innovations, which validated Stuart Hankin’s meticulous, informed approach to the homebuilding profession in South Florida as an unmitigated success.

Hankin Homes is just getting started. Stuart Hankin expects more residential home projects to be completed by his company and available for sale in the coming months, with more on the way in 2020.

Always entrepreneurial, Stuart Hankin continues to seek ways to improve housing opportunities in South Florida. He knows that by building innovative, sustainable, future-friendly homes, he can offer quality, affordable products that help home buyers make informed decisions for the most important investment they may ever make.

About Hankin Homes

Located in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Hankin Homes is a home builder dedicated to quality, livability, and most of all, affordability. Our mission is to promote homeownership by delivering new construction homes that are designed for multi-generational households. All of our homes are built with concrete block, impact windows, tile flooring, quartz countertops and other materials designed to keep maintenance costs low for the future homeowner.

For more information about Hankin Homes, go to hankinhomes.com.

About Stuart Hankin

Growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, Stuart Hankin inherited his entrepreneurial spirit from his grandfather, Harry Hankin. After graduation from Cornell University in 2007, Hankin relocated to South Florida.

In 2010, Stuart Hankin began buying and rehabbing distressed properties in Florida. By 2016, the entrepreneur had already made sizable investments in residential and commercial projects, shaping his vision to erect more efficient construction projects.

Stuart Hankin and his wife, Britney, were married in 2014 and their first child was born in 2016. They named the boy after Stuart’s grandfather, Harry.