How Bruce K. Shibuya Is Changing The Game Of Business Intelligence In The Auto Industry

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Bruce K Shibuya Bruce K Shibuya

Bruce K. Shibuya has an impressive resume, but one aspect stands out above the rest: he’s an expert in business intelligence, and he’s proving that day after day. Bruce Shibuya‘s a mover and shaker in the automobile industry and has transformed the approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Using predictive analytics and quality applications, Bruce K. Shibuya is working to change how business is done in auto manufacturing plants. Bruce. K. Shibuya works to use the data collected to identify unusual trends. This allows Shibuya and his team to find areas of manufacturing that aren’t working well, and change them to create better business outcomes.

Instead of taking the standard approach of looking at what’s happening currently in manufacturing, Bruce K. Shibuya works to use historical data to understand what created the current manufacturing situation within an industry. Armed with this information, he’s able to make decisions that positively affect the manufacturing plant moving forward.

In order to move forward with the technology currently available, Bruce K. Shibuya believes it’s time to focus on using data to inform machine learning. Machine learning is a relatively new field of artificial intelligence, and few people are pioneering the charge like Shibuya.

Using the approach of analyzing historical data, Bruce K. Shibuya is able to solve manufacturing, design, and supply chain issues. Problems within manufacturing that typically take months to solve are able to be remedied in days.

As the Senior Director of Quality Engineering at Jabil, Bruce K. Shibuya’s unique approach to business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are being used to make widespread changes in the auto industry.

This is nothing new for Bruce K. Shibuya. In 2004, Hyundai outranked Toyota in JD Power & Associates for the first time ever, while Bruce K. Shibuya was serving as the vice president of quality at Hyundai. Shibuya’s business intelligence program was built in partnership with Microsoft and continues to inform business decisions in the auto industry today.

After serving as an executive engineer for Toyota, Bruce K. Shibuya was awarded the Toyota Executive Management Award for attention to detail.

The auto industry is changing quickly, in no small part to contributions from Bruce K. Shibuya. As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to play large roles in the auto development process, it’s expected that the contributions from Bruce K. Shibuya will continue to prove invaluable.