How Diet Impacts Allergies With Nutritionist Rosemary Barclay

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Improve your food allergies with Rosemary Barclay’s Natural Enzyme Therapy. 

Nutrition is fundamental for building a strong immune system and healthy digestive system. In fact, diet and lifestyle are related to 80% of human diseases. Our dietary choices significantly improve our overall state of health, and can aid in the prevention and treatment of food allergies. Rosemary Barclay, founder and owner of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, explains the connection between nutrition and food allergies.

When the immune system reacts to a specific food by creating antibodies  and subsequently releasing inflammatory mediators such as histamine, it is defined as a food allergy. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and include skin rashes, asthma, headaches, mood swings, and heart palpitations. Rosemary Barclay notes that these symptoms generally happen within minutes of ingesting a particular food.

The body attacks the allergen in the same way that it would attack a virus. When the immune system continually reacts to the allergen, the body becomes too depleted to fight real off real germs. Rosemary Barclay explains that long term effects include recurring colds and infections in addition to dark circles under the eyes.

The root cause of food allergies or intolerance is the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient enzymes to digest these foods . To help combat food allergies, Rosemary Barclay recommends a natural, balanced diet with nutritional enzyme supplements and herbal formulas that are intended to help regulate the digestive system. If there is any damage to the intestine wall, the right diet can help heal the lining and prevent reactions to foods . Natural plant enzymes aid in the digestion of food. When food cannot be adequately digested, nutrients are inefficiently absorbed . 

When the body recognizes nutrients as invaders, the immune system reacts, causing allergic reactions and inflammation. Rosemary Barclay recommends incorporating a nutritional enzyme therapy plan to help the body break down protein allergens and reduce unwanted food allergies. Typically, plant enzyme supplements are needed due to a lack of pancreatic enzymes in the body. While plant enzyme supplements combat food allergies, the body’s own pancreatic enzymes can focus on boosting immunity.

About Rosemary Barclay 

Rosemary Barclay believes that nutrition is fundamental to good health, and affects many facets of well-being, including the skin, energy, immunity, mood, and performance. The Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, offers solutions to problematic skin without the use of antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

She earned a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. in biochemistry in addition to becoming a board-certified nutrition specialist, certified esthetician, and acne specialist. Rosemary Barclay lives with her family in Old Lyme, CT.