How Eliot Pargament Puts His Farrier Training To Good Use

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How Eliot Pargament Puts His Farrier Training To Good Use How Eliot Pargament Puts His Farrier Training To Good Use

Eliot Pargament is a farrier and business owner. Presently, Eliot Pargament provides his services to those in and around Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Eliot can be reached at (703) 727-5281, or [email protected]. ‬

Eliot Pargament is currently looking to grow his clientele and invites you to learn more about his skills as a farrier. Eliot started his company, Metro Farrier Services, after many years of training and hands-on experience.

Eliot Pargament enjoys working with mammals of the Equidae family. He spends his days working on the hooves of horses and mules to ensure they can walk comfortably.

Eliot has a fascination with large animals. Working with them every day is a real passion of his; it is why he became a certified farrier.

A farrier is an expert in equine hoof care, including the trimming and balancing of horse hooves. It also involves the placing of shoes on the hooves of horses, when necessary.

The Equidae family he works with has seven species, including many breeds of horses, donkeys, zebras, ponies, and mules. He loves his profession so much that Eliot Pargament opened his own farrier company called Metro Farrier.

Eliot trained to become a qualified farrier at a couple of different schools and has acquired a lot of hands-on experience over the years. The first farrier training he received was at the Tucson School of Horseshoeing. His lessons educated him about all kinds of large hoofed animals that belong to the Equidae family.

Eliot Pargament then attended another school regularly called the “Harvard of horseshoeing schools.” Its real name is Kentucky Horseshoeing School, and it is located in Richmond, KY. Eliot became a fully certified Farrier in 2011. Once his training finished, Eliot shifted from being a student to an apprentice. His apprenticeship took place in the Washington DC area.

Eliot Pargament has put his training to be a farrier to good use. He has served as a traveling farrier at various rodeos and attended numerous training seminars.

The treatment Eliot Pargament specializes in as a farrier is a long list, including:

  • General farrier services
  • Custom blacksmithing
  • Handmade shoe
  • Regular shoes, and trims
  • Corrective and lameness shoeing

Being able to care for hooved animals is an essential part of his life. Eliot looks forward to continuing working in this profession for years to come.

Learn more about Eliot Pargament and the farrier services he offers in your area. Connect with him via LinkedIn

Eliot hopes to hear from you and looks forward to taking great care of the shoes of your horse(s).