How Much Do You Make in Video Production?

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video production

Video production involves creating videos companies use for training, presentations to investors and stockholders, advertising, and more. This job calls on many different skills and requires extensive planning.

Pre-production is a critical phase encompassing everything from script development to acquiring permits and location scouting. Getting this process right will help your project run smoothly and stay on budget.

Job Description

The job of a video producer is to coordinate and oversee the production of all types of commercials, TV shows, and feature films. This highly creative career requires an eye for detail, good time management skills, and a knack for negotiating on a budget.

The producer works with clients during pre-production to determine scripts and create production plans. They also determine shooting locations and logistics, ensuring all necessary permits are obtained.

Once a project is approved, they hire crew members and equipment. This includes hiring and scheduling cameras, sound people, grips, editors, and graphic artists.

A video producer must also be able to work well with other team members, handling last-minute changes or disruptions. This is especially true when working with a large project requiring multiple shots, sets, and complex graphics.

Education Requirements

Video production can be a rewarding career path. However, this job has several educational requirements, including a bachelor’s degree and experience in the field.

In addition, most employers expect a producer to have soft skills such as leadership and time-management abilities. A strong work ethic, creativity, and passion for the work are also essential to succeed in this role.

A video producer is an essential part of a team that creates entertainment or informational videos. They oversee the project from beginning to end, planning, writing, editing, and directing.

The best way to learn about video production is through hands-on training. Fortunately, there are several options for students interested in learning how to become video editor.


The salary associated with a video producer varies depending on the employer, skill level and years of experience. However, the average salary for this job in the United States is $63,636.

A video producer specializes in creating and developing content for internal company announcements, external promotional social videos, product marketing, recruiting, and corporate training videos. They also collaborate with other departments to ensure all projects are completed on time and meet company objectives.

A video producer may work in a studio or on location, focusing on the production process and delivering a finished film, television program, or video that meets the client’s requirements. Their responsibilities include planning and coordinating the project, securing funding, and ensuring it is delivered on time and within the budget.

Work Environment

A video producer’s work oversees the creation and execution of visual storytelling. Their responsibilities include accurately capturing client vision, allocating resources and budgets, and ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

A job as a video producer is a challenging and rewarding career that offers many opportunities to advance and build on your skill set. The salary varies by industry, but a successful video producer can earn a comfortable living.

The work environment for a video producer is typically studio-based. They often collaborate with other members of the production team, such as directors, scriptwriters, and editors.

Time management skills are vital to this role, as they often have to deal with last-minute changes that may throw a wrench in their plans. They also need strong communication and leadership skills to ensure the project runs smoothly.