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According to world traveler, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts, South African countries plan to incorporate technology to grow their tourism industries.

South African countries heavily rely on tourism to provide jobs and fuel the economy. Thanks to globalization and social media, tourism and travel continue to rise at a steady pace, meaning African countries will need to make technological advancements to capitalize on revenue potential fully. Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts explains that in the next 20 years, Kenya’s tourism market could more than double in size.

Kenya is a competitive connecting hub for air travel and air cargo in Africa, attracting many multinational companies, improving trade, and boosting tourism. Around 5 million people arrive at Kenya’s airports every year, and it ranks in the top 10% of countries globally for visa openness. Yet, Kenya remains in the bottom 50% for air transport infrastructure.

Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts notes that new policies supporting aviation are making a difference, and more is yet to come. Many South African countries plan to use biometrics for a more convenient and safer travel experience. Systems may include automatic document readers, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanning.

After seeing the success London has had with self-driving shuttles at the Heathrow Airport, South African counties are looking to implement similar technologies. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to improve tourist experiences by reducing travel time and cutting carbon emissions. According to Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts, autonomous vehicles could also replace busses and improve public transportation for tourists.

For the time being, rental car companies are supplying travelers with newer, more connected vehicle models. Even in lower budget options, car rentals will have options for Bluetooth and in-car payments. Paying for tolls, parking, fuel, or even your morning cup of coffee just got easier for travelers! Andrew Urbaniak notes that many car rental companies are also offering a more convenient experience through mobile apps to compete with rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

As Kenya gets more attention for being a pioneer for technology in Africa, Andrew Urbaniak of Massachusetts believes they will need to continue rapid growth and expansion. New reports show that Kenya is now ranked at the top of African nations to support artificial intelligence (AI).  Potential areas for AI implementation include health services, farming, and drones that track illegal hunting. New technologies will pave the way for more jobs and economic growth in the near future.  

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