How to Become a Radiology Technician According to David Kent Joslin of Sarasota

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David Kent Joslin Sarasota David Kent Joslin Sarasota

In his successful career, David Kent Joslin of Sarasota has worked for a variety of healthcare services, management consulting, and software development. David Joslin took on the role of board member for InSight Radiology Puerto Rico, a multi-site operator of free-standing radiology facilities. According to David Kent Joslin, there are many different ways and paths one can take to become a radiology technician. Depending on the state, the rules might vary, but for the most part, radiologist technicians must complete the following requirements.David Kent Joslin Sarasota

Obtain a High School Diploma
Before a future radiology technician can start their specialized education, they must complete high school or get a GED. David Joslin of Sarasota mentions that those students who know they want to pursue a career in radiology from a young age should focus on math and science courses. Aside from volunteering or working in a healthcare setting, there’s not a lot more they can do at this stage.

Enroll in an Undergraduate Radiology Program
David Kent Joslin mentions enrolling in a radiology program is the fastest way to get started in their career. There are a variety of Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees for radiology technicians depending on the school or specialization. An associate’s degree will still give students a complete understanding of the industry. However, a bachelor’s degree might provide a radiology technician candidate for more job opportunities.

Get ARRT Certified
David Joslin mentions that once a radiology technician has completed their education, they must take steps to get ARRT certified and licensed. Getting the ARRT certifications makes the candidate more employable. To apply for ARRT certification, a candidate must submit their academic records, an ethics pre-application, and pass the exam. Getting certified will increase their employment opportunities.

Maintain ARRT Certification in Good Standing
David Kent Joslin of Sarasota also mentions radiology technicians must renew their certifications every year to stay compliant. To renew their certification, technicians must remain in compliance with the regulations, code of ethics, and earn 24 continuing education hours.

During his career, David Joslin helped healthcare companies develop a competitive strategy and reach success because he always stayed on top of the trends. As a successful senior advisor and radiology consultant, David Kent Joslin has put together deals for multi-million dollar companies. David Joslin has a B.A. in history and political science from Duke University and an MBA in finance and accounting from Columbia Business School. David Joslin lives in Sarasota, FL, with his family.